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Sugar kills

August 19, 2014

After an X-ray, dental surgeon, that will be six teeth I will be taking out.

Was it six, to be honest, I lost count?

He reassured me he had taken out thousands of teeth (or was it tens of thousands) all around the world (and he was was a Lt Col), but I am not sure that was reassurance or not.

Why, I look after my teeth?


But I avoid sugar,

The damage was done years ago, in your teens.

Sadly all too true, my grandmother used to stuff us full of sweets.

As the dental surgeon said, people did not know what we know now, for my grandmother, it was an act of kindness.

But what is the excuse today? There is no excuse today for parents giving their children sweets, taking them to McDonald’s, giving them Coke and other sweetened fizzy drinks. Any parent that does, is engaging in child abuse.

A can of Coke, I cannot remember the figures, but at least ten spoons of sugar, maybe more. Would anyone put ten spoons of sugar in a drink? Can you imagine heaping ten spoons of sugar in a cup of tea.

Diet Coke does not let you off the hook either. it is fizzed with CO2, a carbonated drink (in essence Coke is nothing more than syrupy fizzy water). The CO2 makes it acidic, and that eats into your teeth.

So nothing for it, grin and bear it, half a dozen teeth to be extracted, except I will longer be able to grin.

How will I be able to eat?

Don’t worry, you will manage.

Sugar kills teeth.

It is not only teeth, we are in an obesity epidemic, type 2 diabetes hitting kids in their late teens, early twenties. It used to be known as late onset middle age diabetes.

Why no sugar tax, why no government action?

Because we have an extremely powerful food lobby, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Cadbury’s, and he who pays the piper calls the tune

In the entrance to the hospital, a little café, junk food, sugary cakes. In the corridor, a widescreen TV, information on healthy eating, avoid sugar, excess alcohol, only too fast to read. Opposite the information display, a vending machine dispensing Coke.

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