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Dancing in the street

July 10, 2012
dancing in the street

dancing in the street

When you’re waiting for the subway late at night, there’s not much to do but dance and celebrate life. — Caroline Stern

Dancing in the street, or in this case dancing on the subway leads to police brutality, cuffing and arrest.

Caroline Stern and George Hess were on their way home from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing. A steel drummer was playing as they were waiting for their train, as they had the platform to themselves and were in the mood they decided to dance.

Two dumb cops, the NYPD finest, approached and asked what they were doing.

Dancing, they replied.

The cops demanded ID and told them to stop.

A credit card was produced.

When an attempt was tried to film the Keystone Cops they turned nasty.

Out of nowhere eight ninja cops materialised. George Hess, who had been filming, was tackled to the ground and both were handcuffed.

They were charged with disorderly conduct, impeding the flow of traffic and resisting arrest. They were detained for 23 hours.

The couple have filed suit for unspecified damages against the city.

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