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Still Loving You

July 12, 2013

A Thai equivalent of horrible tacky TV Shows like X Factor and Britain (ain’t) Got Talent.

But this Thai girl has taste and talent.

Scorpions classic Still Loving You.

Thanks to Rudolf Schenker (founder and lead guitarist Scorpions).

Baba Zula

March 21, 2011
Baba Zula

Baba Zula

Rudolf Schenker and Paulo Coelho

Rudolf Schenker and Paulo Coelho

Baba Zula, Turkish rock meets sufi! A fusion of rock, sufi, reggae.

Baba Zula performed at Paulo Coelho’s St Joseph’s Day Party in Istanbul. The highlight of the night was when they were joined on stage by Paulo Coelho and Rudolf Schenker the legendary lead singer and guitarist from the German rock group the Scorpions performing their classic Still loving you.

Scorpions – Still loving you

January 25, 2011

For my lovely friend Sian who I am missing.

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