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Cold December day in Sheffield

December 4, 2019

Train to Sheffield from Lincoln used to stop everywhere after Worksop.

During the summer it did not after Worksop or at least not everywhere, but no great advantage as would arrive at Sheffield Station several minutes early to sit outside the station for several minutes then arrive late.

Today, stopped at every single station after Worksop, then dropped to walking speed, held at signals. Finally pulled into Sheffield Station almost half an hour late.

Noticeably colder in Sheffield.

No time to stop at Motore Cafe other than for a brief chat.

Quick look in Sheffield BID, nowt of interest.

En route walked through Millennium Gallery and Winter Garden. In the Millennium Gallery an exhibition on time. Maybe for a future visit.

The unreliability of the Taiwanese pop up kitchen at Union St beggars belief. Once again not there. Changed from Wednesday to Monday. Is this temporary or permanent? I should have asked.

At least managed ed to pick up a copy of Now Then, which tends to be nigh impossible to find but well worth finding.

Why does every town centre dump a few wooden sheds in the town centre selling tat and junk food and call it a Christmas market?

Sheffield no exception, the junk food the stench turns stomach over as pass by. An example poor quality cheese.

To Marmadukes for lunch.

Excellent burger and chips, but the burger spoilt by relish side and the chips salty. Why? Excellent ground beef. Nothing wrong with the relish but let the ground beef speak for itself.

As always excellent coffee.

Also tried guest coffee from Tarasso as V60. It too excellent.

I just had, only just, time to walk to Steam Yard, grab a coffee, and dash back down to the station.

Their selection of bean to bar craft chocolate has been extended, previously only Bullion, now also Bare Bones.

No time to finish my cappuccino, reluctantly, pour into a takeaway cup.

Arrive Station with several minutes to spare.

My cappuccino now lukewarm. Rather than pour away, I wander back out of the station, hand to homeless guy. Apologise only luke warm. He tahnnks me

Many trains running late, including mine.

I flip through Now Then December issue during train journey.

I find an advertisement for Union St. It shows Taiwanese pop up kitchen as Wednesday.

Samsung A3 2016 would die half way through a day out, hence the need for a power bank.

Samsung A3 2017 which I picked up in Athens died as I reached the station. A whole day, though not used as much as would normally on a day out, fewer photos taken, less use of internet. I would, if taking proper note, charge when low when stop for a coffee.

The week before, Lifesaver 5,000 mAh power bank from a  kiosk at Waterloo Station, claimed two charges of mobile phone. Two hours ten minutes to charge phone, two lights lit down from five, assuming power bank fully charged when picked up the week before from Waterloo Station. For comparison, two hours when charged from a mains charger.  Lifesaver 2A output, usb mains charger 1A output.

Afternoon in Sheffield

August 28, 2019

Sunny and warm in the morning. As train sets off, dark clouds.

Sheffield, cool, wet and raining.

I stop of at Motore Cafe coffee kiosk for a chat. I shelter under the large brolly and have a cappuccino and a chat.

I notice I am standing in a stream flowing down the street. I drop my light jacket not on the wet street, that would be bad enough, oh no, I drop in the flowing stream.

Now have a soaking wet jacket.

I head off through the Winter Gardens via Millennial Galleries to Sheffield BID, as from there walking back through the Winter Gardens to Union Street.

Sheffield BID often has useful publications. I pick up a copy of The Heart of Independent Sheffield.

It is a pity they do not stock Now Then. Something they must address.

Very disappointed no Taiwanese pop up kitchen at Union Street as that was my only reason for visiting Sheffield on a cool wet Wednesday.

No Taiwanese for September. I will have to try one of the other days, different food, maybe Vietnamese Italian or American Soul Food.

Neither do hey have Now Then.

I decide even though out of my way to visit Upshot Espresso and have a coffee.

I look into Tamper Westfield Terrace on the way, but no time to stop.

Long walk to find a bus stop. Why?

I hop on the bus. I do no understand the bus driver. Not helped by a barrier between driver and passenger.

I ask a couple of passenger. What I want is a parade of shops past Sheffield University Student Union.

Roots a zero waste shop appears to have closed down.

No Now Then in Upshot Espresso they do not recall having received August edition. I find tenth anniversary edition April 2018.

Chat with barista, recommend a few excellent roasteries from where to source their guest coffees.

I catch a bus, get off too soon. Look in an Oxfom Bookshop. I learn why stock Faith in Nature shampoo. Sourced from Oxfam projects.

I walk past Tamper Westfield Terrace to Steam Yard. Excellent coffee shop, No time for a coffee, no Now Then.

I pick up The Essential Journal. I had also seen at Union Street. I am surprised either stock as pretentious crap.

Make station with seconds to spare. Train not sown on main departure board. I head to where I expect to find the train. In Luck.