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Failure to notify change of bus route

September 1, 2020

For six months a diversion, instead of ten minutes into Lincoln thirty minutes, whilst a roundabout under construction.

Today, an hour late into town, no bus stop, temporary bus stop vanished. What did this mean, back to normal or yobs stolen the bus stop?

There was no information on the bus last week, nothing from drivers to say normal service resumed.

A lady pulled up, to say no bus, now back to previous route, road opened.

To previous bus stop, both sides of the road notice at bus stop to say bus stop not in use. No timetable.

Would it not have made sense to have left temporary bus stop in place for at least a week, notice to say normal service resumed? Or, whoever removed temporary bus stop, notices on other bus stops?

A bus passed by leaving Lincoln, therefore can expect bus into Lincoln to pass by anytime soon.

At Lincoln Central Bus Station, no timetables, not a single timetable. New timetable came into play Sunday. Information office not open. Information office never open.

Appalling treatment of elderly passenger by Nepalese bus driver

September 24, 2019

1800 No 1 Stagecoach Gold bus Aldershot to Camberly via Farnborough.

The bus was late leaving, it had arrived a few minutes before, due to driver late leaving.

This happens all the time, drivers do not arrive at the bus until this bus is due to leave.

As the bus passed through North Camp into south Farnborough, an elderly man in his 90s asked the Nepalese driver where to alight from the bus. He was nearly knocked off his feet due to the bad eratic driving.

Instead of helping the man the driver turned very nasty and started shouting at the elderly passenger.

The man clearly distreseed became confused.

When he got off the bus, and as the bus drove off, man nearly toppled over on to the bus.

The elderly passenger alighted at Albert Road at around 1825, one stop before stop for Franborough Tech.

I alighted a few stops later at Queensmead South. As I was alighting, I spoke with the driver and said I was not happy with his treatment of an elderly man.

The driver then became very aggressive, started shouting at myself, that it was none of my business, shouted at me to get off his bus.

A young lady spoke to me when she got off the bus. She said it was appalling behaviour by the driver.

This is not acceptable behaviour by the driver, either towards the elderly passenger or to myself. He should be fired.

Stagecoach: Where do passengers leave their luggage?

October 19, 2016
Metro bin in luggage compartment

Metro bin in luggage compartment

Stagecoach has decided to place a metal bin in the luggage hold. Where now luggage or shopping or a buggies when it has to be stowed when a disabled person occupies the space?

The metal box is for holding copies of the Metro. Unable to sell the rag, it is given away free.

Where the luggage compartment is small, the size of roll-on hand luggage, where then the roll-on hand luggage? Similar for a buggy? If balance on top, have serious health and safety issues if falls off and injures a passenger.

On small buses a bag for the Metro. Passengers are using for rubbish.

Stagecoach receives public subsidy to convey passengers, not distribute a free newspaper.

Engineers were asked to load the Metro on the buses each morning. They refused. Bus drivers have now been told to load onto the bus, even though not part of their job description.

Once again we see the contempt Stagecoach has for staff and passengers.

Surly Stagecoach bus driver refuses to accept Bus Pass

July 27, 2016

Today at a little before 1650, a surly Stagecoach driver refused to accept a valid Bus Pass and ordered the passenger off the bus.  Driver when asked, refused to give his name.

Stagecoach Goldline, route No 1, location Farnbrough Tech, bus No 22744  heading towards Farnborough town centre.

Passenger forced to get off bus and walk.

Two bus drivers confirmed Bus Pass was valid.

At Queensmead bus interchange, driver of No 1 bus heading towards Aldershot, was shown Bus Pass, asked was it a valid Bus Pass, driver said yes.

Bus Pass was used on return journey, no problem. On alighting from bus, driver was asked was Bus Pass valid, driver said yes.

Refusal to accept a Bus Pas, whilst rare, is not uncommon, drivers finding bogus reasons not to accept.

This uncouth driver, claimed use of bus passes was costing the company money.  His comment only serves to illustrate his depth of ignorance. Whilst it may be true, passengers using a Bus Pass are contributing less than ordinary fare paying passengers, they are contributing an extra revenue stream, which may make all the difference between a bus route being profitable or not, a revenue stream that would not otherwise exist.

There are also other advantages to wider society. Fewer car journeys, less congestion, less air pollution, lower emission of greenhouse gases. It gets people who would otherwise be housebound out and about, increasing their social interaction and mobility, delays dementia. The only disadvantage, makes people lazy, they may hop on a bus when they would have otherwise walked.

Anyone who deals with the public, be it in a supermarket or a bank, displays a name badge. The same should apply to bus drivers.

Once upon a time bus drivers used to have to display their licence. Why is this no longer a requirement?

Indicator at bus stop

November 7, 2015
bus stop display

bus stop display

Unbelievable, a new indicator is installed at a bus stop and it is not displaying live information.

What use is an indicator that is simply displaying what is on the printed timetable at the bus stop?

An appalling waste of public money.

The buses are equipped with GPS. Why therefore not displaying live information?

No 19 bus, the destination is Haslemere (where it changes to No 71 to Godalming and Guildford).

At 1530, No 18 bus due at 1525, had not yet arrived and yet not shown.

The screen should show, time due and when it will actually arrive, if running late.

Let us assume £1,000 per display, three bus stops. Rolled out to other bus stops …

An appalling waste of public money by Hampshire County Council.

Dysfunctional public transport

December 19, 2014

Would I make Aldershot Station in time to catch the train to Alton? Luckily yes, three buses in a convoy.

I make the station with five minutes to spare.

Train to Alton running two minutes late.

The No 64 bus from Alton Station to Winchester, the bus stop clearly marked as bus train interchange, is timed to leave at exactly the same time as the train is timed to arrive. The bus usually leaves as passengers are coming out of the station.

Now you have to been a completely brain-dead moron determined to piss off passengers, for a bus to leave as passengers are pouring out of the train station.

I know, to leap off the train, run out of the station, if I am lucky, I catch the bus, delaying my ticket in case others are hoping to catch the bus, if unlucky I see the bus leaving the bus stop.

Today I was unlucky. I knew I would miss the bus, unless it was running late.

Half an hour wait for the next bus.

A few minutes early a No 64 bus turns up, windows filthy. I leap on the bus. Luckily the bus driver asked where I wished to go. I said Winchester, he said wrong bus.

Now you have to been a completely brain-dead moron determined to piss off passengers, to design a timetable with two different bus routes with the same route number.

I am now joined by a lady who has come off the next train.

A further wait of half an hour, by now chilled to the bone.

A No 65 bus comes in. I ask, just in case it is displaying the wrong number.

No, it is going to Guildford. I ask the driver where is the No 64? He says due now. I say what about the one due half an hour ago? Pig ignorant driver extremely rude, says how does he know, he only drives this bus.

Finally a No 64 bus arrives, 5-10 minutes late. Over an hour wait in the cold. Now not even worth going down to Winchester, my afternoon trip to Winchester all but ruined. I ask driver what happened to previous bus? He expresses surprise that it failed to turn up.

The bus is freezing cold, no heating, though not as cold as outside. The windows are filthy. A freezing cold draught, though no idea where it is coming from, no windows open. Maybe a window open upstairs.

New double-decker buses running on this route, not the clapped-out double-decker buses Stagecoach usually run.

But this is a new new bus, different design. Instead of luggage rack up front, two seats, with a tiny totally inadequate luggage space behind the seat.

At Alresford, I see a doubled-decker in front. As we get near, I see it is a No 64. Where did that come from?

I usually get off and walk down the hill into Winchester, but today too late. I stay on until bus station. I would have gone into the office and created hell about their disgraceful service, but it is now 4-15pm, day wasted without wasting more of the day.

I would have arrived around 1500 I arrive 1615.

Once again a day out ruined by Stagecoach.

On my return, bus then train to Aldershot. Bus I found has wifi, but does not connect to anything. At Aldershot, no bus, 20 minutes wait in the cold for next bus. Bus should have wifi, no wifi.

Train service is run by South West Trains. Bus service by Stagecoach. Stagecoach own South West Trains.

Stagecoach and Richard Branson have recently been handed the successful East Coast Mainline, successful because in public ownership. Are they fit and proper to run? No.

Stagecoach, has a live twitter feed, no mention of missed No 64 bus, explanation or apology.

Someone’s idea of a sick joke, when nearly every bus is not only leaving, but arriving more than ten minutes late.

At Alton, the buses must have an instruction to wait for passengers to alight from the train and catch the bus.

All drivers must wear name badges.

Buses must be equipped with gps, live updates at bus stops.

An app for smartphones and tablets, live updates, wifi at bus stops.

Stagecoach bus driver drugged out of his brain?

November 29, 2014

This afternoon a Stagecoach bus driver who I strongly suspect was drugged out of his brain, or at least he gave every indication of being so.

Bus was running twenty minutes late.

Driver drove past bus stops even though passengers were clearly requesting him to stop.

He ignored requests from passengers for the bus to stop, then at last minute, pulled up past the bus stop.

He sailed past my bus stop. Passengers shouted out he was passing my stop, I shouted at the bus driver, we were ignored.

I alighted at the next stop and asked him why he did not stop, even though a request to stop had been made. I got no reponse, he looked like a zombie with glazed eyes.

I got off the bus thinking OMG that driver is drugged out of his brain.

I was sufficiently concerned that I considered calling the police or Stagecoach, but could not as had no phone on me.

Late October afternoon in Winchester

November 1, 2014

I had decided to give Wednesday a miss, as cold and wet, Friday was a better option.

I knew Friday was going to be warm and sunny, but I did not expect it to be hot.

Nightmare getting down to Winchester.

Weekend rail works make train travel a nightmare. During the week, public transport is dysfunctional.

A bus every 10 minutes. No bus for over twenty minutes, then three buses including two clapped-out double-decker buses fit for a scrapyard. Net result miss train to Alton. Next train running 15 minutes late. Net result miss bus to Winchester. Next bus ten minutes late, and it gets later and later, arriving Winchester 20-30 minutes late. En-route, bus waived down to pick up passengers from the earlier bus. A body lying in the road. Apparently, according to a passenger, man knocked down by the bus.

I arrive Winchester mid-afternoon not late lunchtime as planned had I caught train etc.

A busy market day.

Winchester is a terrible place for lunch. I have a burger off a stall, New Forest Steak Burger Co. It is excellent. I tell the man, Winchester terrible place for lunch. He tells me I am the third person that day to tell him that.

I find Jimmy Bean. Excellent coffee.

Winchester has some excellent food stalls.

  • Jimmy Bean for coffee
  • New forest Steak Burger Co
  • Bread stall
  • Cheese stall

Ask any of them about their produce and they will be able to tell you.

Jimmy Bean will be able to tell you about coffee. The bread stall what flour, how baked, where it is from. The cheese stall, where the cheeses are from how they have been produced, a sliver to taste.

Revolution in WHSmith half price. Person in front, given a 20% off voucher, I use and get a further 20% off.

I am in time to catch six o’clock bus, but as it is a warm evening, I decide to walk along the river and the back streets behind the cathedral.

Very pleasant walking by the river in the dark.

The back streets poorly lit. It is as would have been years ago.

Lovely book display in the window of P & G Wells, as bookshops should be, very tempting, luckily they are closed. Contrast with the display in Waterstone’s Godalming a few days ago, celebrity crap. It empathises once again a disgrace that Guildford Book Festival used WHSmith as festival book seller.

I look in a provisions store around the corner.

Large number of sheds behind Winchester Cathedral. They smell of fresh wood. I assume for Christmas Market. What happens to the sheds afterwards? Available at knock down prices?

I make the 1850 bus, the last bus, with less than a minute to spare.

Luckily at Alton Station, catch the train as it is leaving.

On my way down I popped in Station Cafe, to say hi and see of it was open night time. No, only Wednesdays nights, Biker Night. They said few were there on Wednesday as a cold wet night. I tell them of the bikers who were there Saturday afternoon, disappointed to find closed.

Note: 23.6C, warmest Halloween on record. Nine out of the 10 months so far this year have been warmer than average The planet has marked record high temperatures. And still they deny global warming.

Dysfunctional public transport

August 27, 2014
Alton Station bus stop

Alton Station bus stop

No 64 bus leaving Alton Station is timed to depart at exactly the same time as the London train arrives.

What brain dead imbecile designs a bus timetable that the bus departs as the connecting train arrives, that guarantees you miss the bus, leaving passengers half an hour to wait for the next bus?

Does Stagecoach hate bus passengers?

Ten minutes before the bus was due a 64 bus arrived.

I do not know why, but I asked was it the bus for Winchester?

No, replied the driver, this bus goes around the estates yours is the next bus.

How can you have two different routes, each with the same number?

I looked again at the timetable, no, no bus shown going around the estates, just a bus every half hour to Winchester, timed to depart that you miss it as your arrive by train.

I then noticed there was a second timetable, and yes, it too was No 64.

I then noticed the bus timetables were the new schedule, not valid until 31 August 2014.

The sign at the bus stop shows this to be a bus train interchange.

Stagecoach which owns the buses, also owns South West Trains.

Appalling No 1 Bus service Farnborough to Aldershot

November 7, 2013

Another day, another day of appalling bad service from Stagecoach, another day of long wait in the cold.

1629 I see bus coming, I run to catch the bus, bus drives off. Luckily two more buses behind, a No 1 and a 401. Three buses in a convoy. All three almost empty. Luckily I was not at the stop earlier, else would have had a long wait in the cold.

During the summer, a driver shut the doors on a female as he tried to drive off as she was getting on the bus.

1810 I time my return from Aldershot, in order that not a long wait at bus stop. No bus.

1820 no bus.

1829 a clapped out double-decker. As bus leaves Aldershot, two buses in convoy coming into Aldershot, one a Goldline with Not in Service displayed.

What should have been minimal wait in the cold, over 20 minutes wait in the cold.

North Camp driver refuses to let a woman with a baby in a buggy on the bus. Says no room. Bus is nearly empty. She says she has been waiting in the cold for twenty minutes. Driver still refuses to let her on the bus. Tells her to wait for the next bus.

This is a route with disabled access, buggy access, why therefore is Stagecoach running clapped out double-decker buses that do not provide this access? In London, TfL is not running clapped out double-decker buses. Why is Stagecoach allowed to run these clapped out double-decker buses that are leaving vulnerable people stranded in the cold?

It is time Stagecoach got slapped with a few heavy fines.

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