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Spring Espresso destroyed

August 30, 2019

Look in Spring Espresso Lendal. I was looking forward to a coffee and a chat with the owner.

Something very very wrong, scruffy guys working there and on the shelves Small Batch. The owner would never stock Small Batch. I ask where he is. Person I am talking to barely understands, maybe Turkish.

I head to their other coffee shop, Spring Espress Fossgate. I suspect Spring Espresso had been sold. They confirm my worse fears, has been sold, sold to Coffee Smith, Vulture Capitalists buying up and destroying quality coffee shops.

Very depressing, two excellent coffee shops destroyed, all that more depressing that featured in Coffee Shop North.

But why, why buy and destroy two excellent coffee shops when there are mediocre coffee shops in York?

Spring Espresso Fossgate

September 14, 2018

I had tried to find Spring Espresso Fossgate in the past, but not successful, it does help to have a map.

Fossgate is a little foodie mecca, three coffee shops cheek by jowl, The Fossgate Social opposite Kiosk, Spring Espresso nearby, next to Kiosk, what looked like an amazing food shop but no time to look in.

I ask of cold brew. Yes, they bring a bottle out of the fridge serve with ice. No time, I ask for a takeaway cup.

— to be continued —-

Spring Espresso Lendal

April 20, 2018

What a difference walking down a street can make.

Excellent brunch at Burr Coffee, the coffee awful.

Is my sense of taste awry? No, bad coffee.

Spring Espresso Lendal serves coffee from Square Mile, Red Brick espresso blend and single origin.

I have yet to have a bad Square Mile coffee and Spring Espresso Lendal was no exception.

Excellent cappuccino, restoring my faith that my sense of taste had not gone awry.

Did they have guest coffees? Occasionally, but very rarely as always a changing guest coffee from Square Mile.

I noticed a Synesso espresso machine. Showing an interest, I was told the only one in the country, at least of that model. Spring Espresso have a second coffee shop in York with a different Synesso.

On the counter a small cold brew tower. I have never seen one so small, though unusual to ever see one in the UK.  It was dripping at one drip every two seconds through the coffee and into a carafe below. Eight hours.  Odd though to serve with tonic.