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Sea bream Spartiatis fish restaurant

May 30, 2019

On my last visit, half a dozen tables, tonight busy, or relatively busy compared to near empty.

Previous visit, a starter, bread, not tonight, main dish sea bream only.

Sea bream good, but not as good as previous visit.

As I was finishing I was brought a dish of mussels and rice. I have no idea why.

On leaving I  asked were they now busier or only tonight?

The last four days businesses has improved.

As everywhere, business being killed by all-inclusive hotels.

Spartiatis fish restaurant overlooks Konnos Bay. Not that can see anything at night.

The place for fresh caught fish, Demetrion at Liopetri River.

The place to not eat, Ocean Basket, the McDonald’s or KFC of seafood, the fish not fresh.


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