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Taverna Saita

November 22, 2019

Late night I eat at Taverna Saita in Plaka.

I have eaten there before when Taverna Plaka closed. I thought I would try again.

Service appalling. Souvlaki OK, when it finally arrives.

I go to sit at one table, told no. I sit at another table. Then told no, cannot sit there. I refuse to move. Had I got up, it would have been to get up and leave.

I ask for soup. No soup. We do not do soup we are a taverna not a restaurant. Is there a difference?

I request souvlaki. Told I can have chips or salad. I say no, I want both. They relent.

Very long wait until food served. I was on the point of leaving.

Sovlaki reasonable, if a little tough, chips not so good, served on a cold plate.

Tax avoidance, no bill or receipt produced as required by law, and no sign displayed to state this.

Not recommended. Taverna Plaka a couple of minutes down the street far better.

Oxford street food market

June 22, 2019

An excellent street food market, spoilt for choice.

I settled on souvlaki as I had already decided, but other stalls were very tempting.

Oxford City Council needs to set higher environmental standards, assuming set any.

A fruit juice stall with moronic music blasting out should be told to cease, as they are disturbing the peace and quiet of the square.

Food served in polystyrene boxes not acceptable.

There needs to be bench seats as n York for people to sit and enjoy the food.

The street food market comparable with a street food market I happened upon in Berlin. That in Berlin market better, but still excellent choice and variety. As a street food market should be.

Half the market is a traditional market at least it is on a Wednesday when bread, fruit and vegetables. Not so on a Saturday, second-hand books, art, Jewellery, music.

Oxford street food market puts to shame the travelling circuses hosted in Lincoln.

Dinner at Restaurant Plaka

October 19, 2015

Vegetable soup excellent. Served piping hot. Delicious.

Contrast with soup at Liopetro a few nighst ago. Not very good and served look warm.

Pork souvlaki was good. Not as good as Strofi, but still good.

My main gripe, where was the salad, or at least vegetables. I was told served with salad.

At 11.80 euros, two euros dearer than the restaurant on the corner at the end of the street. Why the difference? I assumed because of the non-existent salad. Maybe becuase live music.

Live music was dire. At least it was. The more beer they consumed, the better the music. Late night, when almost empty, the music changed and was much better.

For dessert, I went in search of ice cream.

Located in Plaka.

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