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EasyJet flight Gatwick to Larnaca

October 8, 2020

Noticeable by its absence apart from hand sanitiser stations dotted around complete absence of covid-19 biosecurity.

No temperature screening on entering airport, both at check in, boarding.

For Cyprus require passport, boarding pass, Cyprus Flight Pass and valid covid-19 certificate showing tested negative.

No social distancing at boarding gate.

On board no attempt to enforce correct wearing of face masks. Many passengers had dropped around mouth not covering nose. Passengers standing in aisle, leaning on seats with bare arms, close to seated paccsdengers. Crew up and down with trolley selling food and drink, no face masks whilst eating and drinking.

No social distancing on aircraft. Cooped up for over eight hours. Yet social distancing on ground transportation, bus and train.

EasyJet expect taxpayer to bail them out.

— to be continued —

Qantas flight packed in like sardines

April 15, 2020

Shocking. Er, social distancing, no, pack em in like sardines.

This is how airlines practice social distancing, packed in like sardines.

This was a Qantas  flight on Monday to Brisbane, in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, at a time when advised avoid public transport, no unnecessary journeys, social distance, do not congregate.

Will these passengers self isolate when they arrive at their destination?

Qantas blatantly lied when claimed ‘there have been no known cases anywhere in the world of people contracting coronavirus on board a plane’.

BA cabin crew, crew of an American airline, have tested positive for covid-19.

At Heathrow, at least two Border Force officials have died of covid-19.

One man on a bus in China infected nine fellow passengers.

If nothing else, shows why tourist destinations, for example Cyprus, will not be seeing tourists anytime soon. Will travellers wish to risk, passing though a busy airport, sat on a plane,  packed in like sardines, breathing in the same air, for a flight of several hours?

Qantas and Virgin Australia are both demanding bailouts.

There should be no bailout of airlines.

It is not a Chinese virus, it is an airline pandemic. The same airlines expecting taxpayer bailout.

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