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March 12, 2021

Yesterday,  whilst digging up potatoes for lunch, hyacinths in bud.

Today, different hyacinths in flower.

Hyacinths of yesterday close to bursting into flower.

Snowdrops that came info flowers last month are still in flower.  Crocuses in flower. Daffodils in bud, almost in flower.


February 17, 2021

It is that time of year, first sign of Spring, the snow melts away and snowdrops appear.

Digging in the garden. A short row every few days.

Today, harder work, tiring, trying to dig up nettles startling to grow.

Clay soil. Last year when I dug, hard clods of soil. I made the mistake a few weeks later, breaking the clods and raking the soil, which was then battered by the rain. What I should have done, and regretted I did not, let the weather erode down the clods.

This year I will leave, but what I have noticed, no longer the hard clods. The soil structure has improved. Maybe because I dug out one of the compost heaps, to rebuild, spreading the compost on the garden.

Leaving the soil, frost will also break down the clods.

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