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Sistine Tapestries by Raphael

October 14, 2010
Christ's Charge to Peter

Christ's Charge to Peter

The Sacrifice at Lystra

The Sacrifice at Lystra

The Healing of the Lame Man

The Healing of the Lame Man

Leo X – a pope of pre-eminent virtue and amplitude – was said to have founded after many centuries an age of gold. — Paolo Giovio, 1551

When Pope Benedict XVI visited England last month he came bearing a gift, well at least a loan. He brought with him the Sistine Tapestries by Raphael.

Commissioned almost 500 years ago by the Medici Pope Leo X for the Sistine Chapel and currently on display at the V&A in London, this is the first time the tapestries have been reunited with the original cartoons.

The tapestries are breathtaking. Amazing detail. For example The Miraculous Draft of Fishes shows in the distance a small town and small figures can be seen watching the scene from the shore.

The tapestries and cartoons are an example of High Renaissance Art. Michelangelo did the ceiling, Raphael the tapestries. The tapestries were woven at the workshops of Pieter van Aelst in Brussels, the centre for tapestry weaving in Europe. The tapestries are woven from threads of wool, silk, silver and gold.

The tapestries depicts Acts by St Peter and St Paul.

The Miraculous Draft of Fishes
Christ Charge to Peter
The Sacrifice of Lystra
The Healing of the Lame Man

I have never been to the V&A before. When I was younger I used to visit the other nearby museums, but never the V&A.

I had hoped to visit with my lovely friend Sian, but sadly she is poorly. I have booked two tickets for next week. Hopefully she will be well enough to visit next week.

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Art inspired by God

A day out in London

October 14, 2010

Should I should I not go to a meeting of Climate Rush at Toynbee Hall in London? That be the question. I could combine it with a visit in the afternoon to the V&A to see the Sistine Tapestries by Raphael and that is what I did.

I set off later than I wished. I decided first to eat at Food For Thought in Covent Garden. I could have got the tube, but it is a pleasant walk across Hungerford Bridge over the Thames, then through Victoria Embankment Gardens.

From Hungerford Bridge there is a stunning view downstream.

I looked in St Paul’s Church and found a cat either Inigo or Jones curled up on a prayer cushion.

I have been eating at Food for Thought for many years. It is one of the best places to eat in London. I had chickpea and spinach soup (for which I am hoping for the recipe) with their delicious bread, followed by salad, followed by banana and strawberry scrunch washed down with a cup of not very good tea.

I would also recommend their cookbook, New Food for Thought.

From Covent Garden tube station direct line to South Kensington.

I used to be a frequent visitor to the other museums in South Kensington, but never the V&A.

The Sistine Tapestries were breathtaking and well worth seeing.

From South Kensington direct tube to Aldgate East and my meeting at Toynbee Hall with Climate Rush on climate change and what activists can do. The meeting was packed and well worth attending.

After I went to a launch and fundraising party for a documentary film Just Do It.

Then home.

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