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Sirena Bay

October 3, 2014
Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay, an unspoilt bay on the coast.

Lana Del Ray playing. I should not have resisted the temptation asked that Jewelia be played instead.

Sirena Bay would be ideal location for Jewelia to play a concert.

Sirena Bay

October 2, 2014
Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Yesterday the peace and quiet of Sirena Bay was disturbed by music.

This afternoon, quiet.

Sirena Bay

October 1, 2014
Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay, an unpsoilt tranqil spot, or at least it would be were it not for the music playing.

Lovely painted wooden chairs in May. Now packed away as end of season.

Coffee in Protaras

May 27, 2014

Three years ago, there were no coffee shops in Protaras.

Last year it was strongly recommended that indie coffee shops opened, if not, the likes of Costa and Starbucks would muscle their way in. And sadly there is already a Costa.

The advice has been heeded, several coffee shops are opening, but not indie coffee shops, Cypriot attempts to form local chains (a big mistake).

Cypriots are opening coffee shops knowing little if anything about coffee.

patisserie amelie

patisserie amelie

patisserie amelie

This lovely little coffee shop opened two seasons ago, cakes, ice cream, waffles.

The season it opened, they had an excellent Greek barista called George. Why was he not retained? Pleasant enough staff now, but not in the same class as George.

The coffee is LavAzza. Ok as a brand coffee, but not really good enough. It is now time to up the game, and use local hand roasted coffee beans.

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club

New this season and only opened last week.

Coffee and fast food, coffee served in plastic! You got to be joking!

The fast food needs to be ditched, glass and decent cups.

The coffee is imported specialist coffee.

A Hungarian who knows about coffee is doing his best.

Sex & Beans

A rather brash, too brash, mix of coffee and cocktails. Do the two go together? Not really.

Cold brewed coffee.

Open maybe this week, maybe next week. The date keeps being pushed back.

Coffee Island

Ludicrous, raised platforms.

Little is known, maybe opens next week.


Overpriced, poor quality coffee, factory cakes, lacks ambience, screams corporate.

Popular with local Cypriots who have no taste, equally popular with English who also are lacking in taste.

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Not actually in Protaras, not even in Pernera.

Disgusting nescafe, it could not get worse.

But, and a big but, if they get a decent espresso machine, quality coffee beans, a competent barista, then worth a visit for the location.

Hop on the Protaras-Paralimni bus, pass through Pernera, and hop off at Crystal Springs. Head down the road alongside Crystal Springs to the sea, walk along the coast towards Pernera. This is by far the best way to approach. Pick up the bus on the main road.


A lovely taverna overlooking the main square in Paralimni.

They know how to make freddo cappuccino.

Need better glasses, slightly tapered.

Coffee is LavAzza. Ok as a brand coffee. Hand roasted coffee from local roaster would be even better.

Not Protaras. Hop on the Protaras-Paralimni bus to Paralimni. Alight in Paralimini. Epodi is across the square.

Sirena Bay

May 23, 2014
Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

freddo espresso

freddo espresso

I was looking for a coffee shop.

Do you know Pernera?

No, I know Crystal Springs.

Ok, alight from bus, and nearby.

I passed through Pernera. I alighted at next bus stop, due to ignorant Russian not getting up from his seat.

I walked back to Crystal Springs, walked down a side road that seemed to lead to the coast.

Can I walk along the coast, I asked a man at a villa?

No, he said.

I ignored him, and walked along the coast, heading back towards Pernera.

And that is how I found Sirena Bay. A tranquil spot, a taverna hidden in the trees. At least it would be had the taverna, not had awful music playing.

I asked why the music?

I am pleased to say they turned it off, or at least replaced it with something better.

Sirena Bay, the best kept secret in Paralimni, Pernera and Protaras. A little taverna, tables and chairs set in the trees overlooking the bay.

The tables massive, bound by iron bands. I was curious. Discarded and recycled cable drums.

The house built in traditional style.

The mother of Elena, was on a boat trip, pre-1974, pre-illegal Turkish invasion and occupation. She spotted the bay, tracked down the owner of the potato fields, asked could she buy.

Now terraced.

Clearly a labour of love.

I asked for a coffee, freddo espresso. Sadly only nescafe. Yuk.

Aside from producing disgusting coffee, Nestlé is an evil company to be avoided at all costs.

A must, a quality espresso machine, quality coffee beans, hand roasted from independent coffee roaster, and a skilled barrista.

Why oh why, do Cypriots meet in Costa, drink their disgusting coffee in a coffee shop lacking in ambience that screams corporate, when they could meet at Sirena Bay?

If they must play music, then check out bandcamp, musicians like Steve Lawson, Imogen Heap, Zoe Keating et al.

This is an ideal spot, for live music, small intimate concerts in the evening. Indeed, I could not imagine a more ideal spot for Steve Lawson, Zoe Keating, Imogen Heap. Also story telling, Steph Bradley with her Tales of Our Times tour.

I carried on my walk. Around Sirena Bay on the spring line.

One side of Sirena Bay, bamboo thickets. The local council wished to burn. It is the habitat of a rare and endangered water snake.

From Sirena Bay, ugly developments all the way to Protaras.

Pause and reflect, the quality tourism Protaras would attract, if tavernas like Sirena Bay, not the ghastly bars which attract the bottom end of the tourist market.

Tavernas like Sirena Bay, need to form strategic alliances, have leaflets for boat trips like Napa King. Napa King have leaflets for Sirena Bay, point it out as sail along the coast.

Recycle money within the local economy.

Did I find the coffee bar? Yes, it was in Pernera. But all it was was a kiosk by the beach.

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