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Afternoon in Sheffield

August 28, 2019

Sunny and warm in the morning. As train sets off, dark clouds.

Sheffield, cool, wet and raining.

I stop of at Motore Cafe coffee kiosk for a chat. I shelter under the large brolly and have a cappuccino and a chat.

I notice I am standing in a stream flowing down the street. I drop my light jacket not on the wet street, that would be bad enough, oh no, I drop in the flowing stream.

Now have a soaking wet jacket.

I head off through the Winter Gardens via Millennial Galleries to Sheffield BID, as from there walking back through the Winter Gardens to Union Street.

Sheffield BID often has useful publications. I pick up a copy of The Heart of Independent Sheffield.

It is a pity they do not stock Now Then. Something they must address.

Very disappointed no Taiwanese pop up kitchen at Union Street as that was my only reason for visiting Sheffield on a cool wet Wednesday.

No Taiwanese for September. I will have to try one of the other days, different food, maybe Vietnamese Italian or American Soul Food.

Neither do hey have Now Then.

I decide even though out of my way to visit Upshot Espresso and have a coffee.

I look into Tamper Westfield Terrace on the way, but no time to stop.

Long walk to find a bus stop. Why?

I hop on the bus. I do no understand the bus driver. Not helped by a barrier between driver and passenger.

I ask a couple of passenger. What I want is a parade of shops past Sheffield University Student Union.

Roots a zero waste shop appears to have closed down.

No Now Then in Upshot Espresso they do not recall having received August edition. I find tenth anniversary edition April 2018.

Chat with barista, recommend a few excellent roasteries from where to source their guest coffees.

I catch a bus, get off too soon. Look in an Oxfom Bookshop. I learn why stock Faith in Nature shampoo. Sourced from Oxfam projects.

I walk past Tamper Westfield Terrace to Steam Yard. Excellent coffee shop, No time for a coffee, no Now Then.

I pick up The Essential Journal. I had also seen at Union Street. I am surprised either stock as pretentious crap.

Make station with seconds to spare. Train not sown on main departure board. I head to where I expect to find the train. In Luck.

May Day in Sheffield

May 1, 2019

Warm sunny morning, as day progressed, as journey progressed, skies darkened.

1120 Lincoln to Leeds via Sheffield Northern Fail refurbished train, no wifi, no usb charging, one and only toilet not working.

At Lincoln Central, toilets by station entrance out of action for a couple of weeks or more, at Sheffield a charge to use the toilets.

En route, fields of oil seed rape, pass over River Trent at Gainsborough.

Eyesore billboards outside station, and as walked into town promoting Betfred a gambling operation.

Coffee kiosk Motore Cafe said hi. I said could not stop as hoped to find Taiwanese pop up at Union St and would then try coffee at Marmadukes.

Headed through Millennium Gallery where currently an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci drawings, adn several, other exhibitions, through Winter Gardens where snooker tournament, part of World Snooker at Sheffield, lots of anoraks hanging around, to Sheffield BID to pick up a couple more of their useful guides.

I was heading to Union St, a co-working space, coffee shop and pop up kitchen. Each day Monday to Friday different food.

On Wednesday Taiwanese food being swerved by ShuJu Kitchen.

So far I had not had much luck. My first two attempts, no food left. My third attempt they were not there.

Fourth time lucky, Taiwanese food was being swerved by ShuJu Kitchen and it looked popular as people queuing, and even better looked good.

I tried stir-fried chicken, and better still tasted good. Generous portion size.

My only criticism the rice was nearly cold and brown rice is healthier than white rice. Otherwise excellent and I can see why popular.

There was a choice of four options, and when I had finished, only tw0 options left.

I thanked the two Taiwanese girls and said it had been worth making the effort to find them. I asked of street food. Not currently as they lack the mobility, and Lincoln would be too far

They have a good deal with the coffee guy, he supplies the coffee, he gets in return a dish.

I learn that the coffee kiosk Motore Cafe had run a pop up coffee stall for several months, I had actually learnt from the coffee stall, when they left, such was the popularity of their coffee, Union St was requested to supply the same quality coffee, hence support from Dark Woods.

Disappointed no May issue of No Then.

I popped back to Sheffield Bid and suggested they stocked Now Then, as it is good for the independent scene in Sheffield. Not possible as not one of their publications.

I offered to write a coffee guide.

Always helpful, Sheffield Bid directed me to Marmadukes. I went round in a circle but did eventually find.

Coffee Origin, only delivered day before thus recent roast date. Also guest coffee for filter coffee.

My cappuccino excellent.

Chat with a guy from the BBC covering the World Snooker, told me he always visits Maramadukes for coffee when in Sheffield.

Two downstairs rooms, outside seating and an upstairs room (which was closed).

Synchronicity: Barista she told me she knew and had visited The Espresso Room, tiny coffee shop in Covent Garden. For some reason I thought The Espresso Room served Origin. A mistake we both made, that was why it came up in the conversation. It serves, as does The Steam Yard, Caravan.

Synchronicity: Greek guy from Athens knew of The Underdog but had never visited. He asked me where to find. I explained how to find and I recommended to him coffee shops in Athens.

Two downstairs rooms, outside seating and an upstairs room (which was closed).

Although pushed for time, I hopped on No 120 bus and popped to visit Cupsmith.

Next to Cupsmith a shop selling fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, cereals in jars and cakes. I bought muesli (trying next day it was excellent). Not quite a zero waste shop, but heading that way.

Apologised no time for a coffee at Cupsmith, grab a bag of coffee Girls who Grind, then catch No 120 back into the town.

Just mande my train.

— to be continued —