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We are the 97%

March 24, 2021

Last Friday I found a couple of women chalking on the street.

Why I do not know, and lacked the time to stop and ask. 

Later at the weekend I learnt on Look North they were writing of their own experience of sexual harassment, then on Monday, one spoke of whilst she was writing she was being abused and harassed by men passing by, which only served to underline the point they were making. 

Lincoln City Council have stated they will not wash off the messages. How generous (I am being sarcastic).

In a recent survey, 97% of women claim they have been sexually harassed or abused, and as some of the messages showed, often from a very early age whilst they were still children.  Not a very good reflection of society and how women are treated. 

The vigil for Sarah Everard the previous weekend, many of those present told similar stories. The vigil was broken up by heavy-handed Met Police, many of the women assaulted. Sarah Everard, on the same day, a serving Met Police Officer appeared in Court charged with her kidnap and murder. 

A couple of days ago, a serving police officer, a different police force, received a slap on the wrist for attacking a woman as she walked home, the police force dragged their feet investigating the attack. 

I found yesterday, messages on Steep Hill as I walked down, many more when I reached  the High Street. 

Sexual harassment and violence in India

September 11, 2013

Vithika Yadav talking about sexual violence towards women in India, anything from sexual harassment up to and including gang rape.

Vithika Yadav was first sexually harassed when her breasts were pinched. She was 12 years old.

An Indian woman has to be on her guard every moment she is in a public place. But it is not only in public places, women and girls are not safe in the family home either.

One woman is raped or gang raped in India every twenty minutes (and that is only the reported rapes).

Rapists are serving in the Indian parliament.

In the Asia-Pacific rim, one in four men admit to rape, they see it as an entitlement, for sexual gratification and punishment.

Egypt is not to be harassed

May 26, 2013

Sexual harassment of women in Egypt has got worse since the Muslim Brotherhood seized power.

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