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Be careful who you pick up on-line

June 22, 2015

Guy goes round to see a blonde he has met on-line. He cannot belivee his luck, until boyfriend turns up and it turns very very nasty.


September 13, 2013

Elements brothel, oops sorry, massage parlour, is located in Aldershot.

A small reception area, barely enough room to swing a cat. A passage leads to a shower and to massage rooms.

All very clean and light, if somewhat tiny. The massage rooms barely enough room to slip around the massage table.

The girls oriental, Thais and Filipinos, to Western eyes exotic.

Clients are handed a clean towel and asked to take a shower.

Clients are requested to leave their clothes in a locker in the shower room. To prevent any undercover filming or recording?

The girl then joins the client in the massage room, asks to remove the towel and lie on the table face down naked.

Massage is a choice of Japanese or Swedish the only difference being the degree of pressure applied.

Anna Townsend  claimed Elements was a brothel, though did so based upon not a shred of evidence. She did then try to check the place out, but got nowhere, as they would not let her look around.

Dozens of such messages were tweeted, to local taxis, to the media, local politicians.

When is a massage parlour a brothel, when is a massage parlour a front for a brothel?

It would depend upon what extra services are being offered by who and to whom.

Are extras being offered? The simple answer is yes.

The girls are offering an intimate massage, where they are topless or naked. It is emphasised not a vaginal massage.

Are similar services being offered to women?

Contrary to popular myth, prostitution in England is not a criminal offence. Soliciting is, as is running a brothel (two or more girls offering sexual services), as is living off immoral earnings.

It is a moot point has the line been crossed. The local police are aware, and seem happy with the situation.

Massage parlours appear to occupy an unregulated grey area. Unlike sex shops or pole dancing clubs they do not need a licence to operate.

The girls are migrant workers. Illegals? Trafficked?

Human trafficking is now big business. More money to be made, less risky than drugs and if caught, low sentences.

Elements is located just off the town centre of Aldershot.

Girls going wild in red light district

August 31, 2013

So you think you will dance? Sometimes things are not what they seem. Men, women and children are trafficked – tricked, forced and exploited in the sex industry. Awareness campaign created by Duval Guillaume Modem and produced by monodot in support of STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Music: a-shja by Raveyards vs. DJ Uinkxxx

Joy is like sex

March 30, 2010
etching by Rembrandt

etching by Rembrandt

I’m going in search of the adventure of being alive.

And it’s complicated: why am I not looking for happiness when everyone has taught me that happiness is the only goal worth pursuing?

Why am I going to risk taking a path that no one else is taking? After all, what is happiness?

Love, they tell me. But love doesn’t bring and never has brought happiness.

On the contrary, its a constant state of anxiety, a battlefield; its sleepless nights, asking ourselves all the time if we’re doing the right thing. Real love is composed of ecstacy and agony. All right then, peace.

Peace? If we look at the Mother, she’s never at peace. The winter does battle with the summer, the sun and moon never meet, the tiger chases the man, who’s afraid of the dog, who chases the cat, who chases the mouse, who frightens the man.

Money brings happiness. Fine. In that case, everyone who earns enough to have a high standard of living would be able to stop work. But then they’re more troubled than ever, as if they were afraid of losing everything. Money attracts money, that’s true. Poverty might bring unhappiness, but money wont necessarily bring happiness. I spent a lot of my life looking for happiness, now what i want is joy.

Joy is like sex – it begins and ends. I want pleasure. I want to be contended, but happiness? I no longer fall into that trap.

Extracted from the novel The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho and also reproduced on his blog. A novel that explores the feminine side of God.

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