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Tanzania’s road through Serengeti to be unpaved

July 4, 2011


The Serengeti road project has not been abandoned … we have just revised it. I don’t know where all this confusion comes from. — Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Ezekiel Maige

It would appear we all celebrated a little too soon. The road that will cut the Serengeti in half is to go ahead after all.

Tanzania’s road through Serengeti to be unpaved
Serengeti Highway cancelled
Tanzania’s Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Serengeti Highway cancelled

June 24, 2011
Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

The State Party confirms that the proposed road will not dissect the Serengeti National Park and therefore will not affect the migration and conservation values of the Property. — Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

The proposed Serengeti Highway has been cancelled. The government in Tanzania has backed down under intense international pressure.

Had the disastrous highway gone ahead it would have cut across the Serengeti Park blocking a major migration route for wildebeest.

Serengeti Watch:

A battle has been won, but the struggle to save the Serengeti goes on. Roads will still be constructed up to the edges of the park. The pressures on the Serengeti, including a commercial corridor to Uganda, still exist. The highway across the Serengeti has been proposed three times now, and can be raised again. But yes, let’s congratulate ourselves on the work we’ve done.

And the function of the highway? To aid the rape and pillage of Africa’s resources by the Chinese.

Serengeti road scrapped over wildlife concerns
Serengeti road cancelled
Victory for environmentalists as Serengeti highway plans are axed
Tanzania’s Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Tanzania’s Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

September 17, 2010
wildebeest close to proposed road

wildebeest close to proposed road

Serengeti National Park’s locally and globally significant ecosystem is driven by migration of wildebeest, elephant and zebra; and will be utterly devastated by the plan, as will be local livelihoods and well-being. There is a growing local and international support network protesting the project, and together we should be able to ensure it never commences.

The government of Tanzania has approved a major commercial highway across Serengeti National Park. The northern Serengeti – located near the Kenya border – is the most remote and pristine area in the Park’s entire ecosystem. “The road will cause an environmental disaster,” said 27 biodiversity experts this week in the science journal Nature. The planned road slashes across Serengeti’s most important annual migratory route taken by 1.3 million wildebeest – as well as important elephant and zebra migration areas – threatening the last great mass movements of animals on Earth.

The road’s expected 416 large trucks a day would physically block the migration, introduce invasive species, and lead to greater poaching – ultimately killing the migration altogether. Further there will be fragmentation of habitat, alteration of water and soil systems, and increased introduction of animal disease. When the wildebeest migration is blocked, more grass fires are expected, further diminishing the quality of grazing, and likely to make the ecosystem a source of atmospheric CO2.

The northern part of the Serengeti is untouched and should remain so. A safer alternative route proposed by local conservationist can bypass Serengeti altogether to the South and provide more economic benefit for the people of Tanzania. This route can preserve Tanzania’s greatest tourism asset and spare the devastation of Serengeti – a priceless World Heritage Site. With the help of the world community in support of local demands, Tanzania can find a way to preserve its inheritance, protect for all posterity a healthy and intact Serengeti ecosystem, while bringing advancement to its people.

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Tanzania’s Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Wildebeest migration spectacle under threat from planned road

Serengeti wildebeest spectacle under threat from development

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