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Secret trials

June 19, 2012

Everyone has a right to their day in court, to be tried by their peers, to see the evidence laid against them. Basic tenets of justice, of a free society.

All three are denied in secret trials in the UK. Secret trials that are more what one would associate with Stalinist Russia than a free society.

The accused is not allowed to see the evidence against them. Their lawyer is not allowed to see the evidence against them.

Let us assume the accused is charged with being a known associate of terrorists. The evidence they may not see and challenge is that you were seen with a known terrorist on such and such a date in such and such a place. It may well be you have a perfectly valid alibi, but if you are not allowed to know this basic information of who where and when, how can you challenge it?

Some years ago I had a friend who was European spokesperson for the leader of a terrorist group (or what was and still is classed as a terrorist group). He was kidnapped in one country, shipped to another where as far as I know he is still in gaol, probably no trial.

Information I was not aware of until later.

I was once acquainted with a guy who was probably a KGB colonel (though he denied he was). He thought I was an MI6 colonel (which of course I denied).

Do we ask? Er, excuse me, are you a terrorist?

Katia Zatuliveter

Katia Zatuliveter

Katia Zatuliveter was accused of being a Russian spy. She was detained and faced deportation. She denied she was and fought her deportation. The ‘evidence’ against her was a farce. She was accused of meeting a known Russian security official, he was codenamed in court as Boris! This she denied, but even if she had, does she do a background check on all the people she meets from her home country? But the most damning piece of evidence against her was that she spoke fluent English!

If speaking fluent English is the way to recognise Russian spies, then I must know a lot of Russian spies. What of those who speak poor English?

Some of the evidence against Katia Zatuliveter was made available to her and her lawyers, thus she was able to challenge it and show how ridiculous it was. The court thought so too.

Secret trials have already been extended to Employment Tribunals. People have been fired, the only ‘evidence’ against them is that they are Muslim.

Heresy and what can only be termed sheer nonsense is going unchallenged in secret trials.

The ConDem government wants to extend secret trials.

They have already said they wish to extend the surveillance on everyone.

Franz Kafka and George Orwell would have been proud.

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