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Lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

January 29, 2015
lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge is known for its coffee.

They also serve lunch in their first and second floor restaurants.

Lunch finishes at two o’clock. I was there before two, looking forward to roast dinner. By the time the waitress asked for my order, it was gone two.

Sorry, we stop serving lunch at two. She offered an alternative menu. I should have walked out and gone elsewhere.

I chose scampi and chips. It was awful. The chips appeared to be hotted up, peas were ok. I have had better in Morrisons Cafe.

I would have expected a far higher standard for Stokes.

I probably should have gone to Stokes at The Collection. Chicken supreme with rice, pea and mint soup.

Oh yes, beetroot soup. That was disgusting.

Lunch at Oliver’s coffee shop

January 9, 2014
gammon steak

gammon steak

scampi and chips

scampi and chips

You take pot luck on finding Oliver’s open. Today, open.

I had gammon steak, comes with a slice of pineapple, chips and peas and a tiny piece of salad.

Fellow guest scampi and chips and peas plus a small bit of salad.

Portions are generous, and the food excellent.

Pleasant ambience, rock n roll playing in the background.

Good value for money.

Oliver’s is located bottom end of The Strait, on the left hand side as going up hill.

You take pot luck on finding open, but worth taking a look.

If it looks busy, looking in the window, still pop in and enquire, as they have two more seating areas, not visible through the window, but as a rule, they are rarely busy.

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