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Saudi Arabia: Sentenced to a thousand lashes

January 11, 2015

Over a million people took to the streets of Paris today, 40 world leaders, to show their solidity with Charlie Hebdo and to show they will not be intimated by Islamic fundamentalists

The Saudi ambassador had the gall to attend the Charlie Hebdo vigil in Paris today.

Saudi Arabia is the brutal face of Islam, headed by the corrupt House of Saud.

Saudi Arabia exports its perversion of Islam to Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia brutalises and degrades women.

Saudi Arabia holds public beheading.

Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes. His ‘crime’ in Saudi eyes, starting an on-line forum for social and political debate in Saudi Arabia.

We need to stop funding Saudi Arabia, we need to stop buying their oil, selling them weapons. One more reason to move to renewables.

In Turkey, a cartoonist is in gaol for his depiction of the Fascist president of Turkey. Many journalists are imprisoned.

David Cameron called for freedom of the press. We take it then, he will sign-off the immediate publication of Blair Iraq Dossier, and release in full the censored report on fracking.

War criminal Netanyahu was welcomed. The rise in anti-Semitism in France is a direct result of Zionist genocide in Palestine and illegal occupation of Palestine. Never one to show any sensitivity, he stirred up trouble by openly encouraging French Jews to emigrate to Israel, and no doubt live on occupied Palestinian land. War on Gaza last year killed 17 journalists.

Egypt holds three Al-Jazeera journalists in prison. Three of many held in prison.

The Guardian should have published a cartoon by one of their cartoonists, depicting the Prophet wearing a t-shirt with the words Not In My Name, but cowardice prevailed.

The French luckily, do not display the cowardice of The Guardian.

The man standing atop of a bus stop, I’m a Muslim not a terrorist.

The world has to stand in solidarity against Muslim extremism.

We must draw a line between Islam the religion and Islam as a Fascist ideology.

Islam as a Fascist ideology is as much a threat to the world today as the Nazis were in the 1930s.

No Woman, No Drive

October 26, 2013

Full support to brave women in Saudi Arabia who today decided to take on the repressive, corrupt regime of the House of Saud.

And what did the brave women do? They drove their cars in a public display of defiance.

Muslim fundamentalists have attacked the women saying, the Koran forbids woman to drive a car.

Yeah right, and The Prophet drove around in a Mercedes.

Muslim fundamentalists call it a conspiracy by women.

It is not only the bastardisation of women in Saudi Arabia. The corrupt House of Saud are propping up the repressive regime in Bahrain, are responsible for much of the bloodshed in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Truth as Iraq descends into Hell

December 21, 2011
difference between Baghdad and the world

difference between Baghdad and the world

Last week we were told by Barack Obama, Mission Accomplished, Iraq has been left as a stable country.

US leaves behind a stable Iraq

No Mr President, simply not true!

A few days later Canon Andrew White issued the following plea:

US may be leaving us but our war is not over it is getting worse every day but we are now forgotten! We have just spent 2 hours trying to get into the Green Zone. Our badges may be the highest level but they are not working as of today, because they are American. This evening I was to take the British Embassy Carol Service. I arrive an hour and a half late we still did a shortened version. How we do our work now I just do not know, I cannot get to the US Embassy to even do our Chapel Services. We are now in a big crisis please pray for us.

Early this week, Iraq Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi, a Sunni, accused of links to terrorism, fled to the relative safety of Kurdistan. Accused by the Shia Prime Minister Nouri Malik, a man the Sunnis accuse of being a worse dictator than Saddam Hussein.

Iraq Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi denies charge
Iraqi VP: Baghdad trial ‘not realistic’

One would be hard pushed to find anyone in Iraq without links to terrorists.

The Saudis (Sunni) and Iranians (Shia) are stoking the fires of sectarian hate.

We have to turn once again to Canon Andrew White for the Truth:

By the time you receive this I will be back home in the UK as I write I am on the airplane now. How I would love to say that I was leaving Iraq in a good state but I cannot. Iraq is descending into one of it most major crisis in recent years. The government is on the point of collapse. The prime minister has issued an arrest warrant for the Vice President Tariq Al Hashami. He is from the largest Iraqi party. Several of his guards have been arrested and charged with terrorist activity and they have said they were just doing what the VP told them to do. What is more the VP is a friend of mine. I do not do a survey on my friends first. We are told to love all people, good and bad. So when I get back to my UK desk tonight and see on my book case a picture of the VP Tariq Al Hashami I am not going to remove it but pray that G-d’s love and His angels will surround him and may we all see soon the truth.

So as I leave things are very bad. I phoned Lina early this morning to see what the news was from Iraq. She laughed and said, “I am not like you, and we don’t have electricity how can I know the news”. All she could tell me was that she had heard lots of big bombs this morning. I there phoned friends who are senior Iraqi politicians. The news they said was so terrible. One of these friends was the person who gets the visas for the people who come in with me. He assured me that it would be impossible to bring anybody in the near future. To start with it is difficult now visas have been stopped to Westerners who are not based here and now it is just two dangerous. It is less than a week since the US Military withdrew and look what state we are in. The leader of the Mahdi Army Muqtader Al Sader said “we had to show that we Iraqis could run the country after occupation and we have already failed”.

The Sad thing is that this news is not even being told by the mass media. They were in country to cover the US Military withdrawal now they have left. Some are even on this plane with me now. So the story has also left. The only good news is that many Iraqis like Lina do not even know what is happening because their access to news is so limited as they have such little power to see or hear news. My prayer for my beloved people as I now leave them Is that they will also see the miraculous power of G-d as we did last weekend. May they also see that with G-d all things are possible.

Tomorrow I am in Leatherhead doing two Christmas Carol events with Gerald Coates, my old friend who has been one of the big church leaders in the new church movement. Then I am free until the midnight service in Bramshot that I will speak at.

Well love and blessings to you all. May you have a truly wonderful and blessed Christmas. Don’t forget the Christmas message from the Angel Gabriel “that with G-d everything is possible”.

We never were told the Truth by the Western Media, not that they necessarily deliberately lied, though often they did, but because they were holed up in the Green Zone and rarely if ever ventured out.

Now even the media is pulling out, story over, job finished.

Meanwhile less than two weeks after Mission Accomplished, Iraq descends into Hell.

All we have left is the skills of negotiators like Canon Andrew White and prayer.

As I write I have at the side of me a plaque from Iraq, given to me by Canon Andrew White.

Top story in The Books4Spain Daily (Thursday 22 December 2011).

Beheaded for practising witchcraft

December 15, 2011
Saudi sorcery protest in Lebanon

Saudi sorcery protest in Lebanon

Amina Bint Abdulhalim Nassar was executed in the northern province of Jawf for ‘practising witchcraft and sorcery’. — Saudi Arabia Interior Ministry

Beware of reading the runes, tea leaves or entrails in Saudi Arabia as it might just get you into a whole heap of trouble. You could quite easily lose your head over it.

You do not even have to be in Saudi Arabia, but will be arrested and sentenced to death if you set foot in Saudi Arabia.

A woman has recently been beheaded having been charged with witchcraft, though a cursory glance at the case seems that a more appropriate charge would have been fraud.

Saudi woman beheaded for ‘sorcery’
Saudi woman executed for ‘witchcraft and sorcery’
How Do You Prove Someone’s a Witch in Saudi Arabia?

Being a woman did not help. Being a woman in Saudi Arabia is in itself sufficient to be seen as a crime.

To be a woman in Saudi Arabia is to be marginalised. If you set foot outside the house you have to be covered from head to toe in case your appearance may offend men.

As a woman you are not allowed to drive a car. If caught, you will be lashed.

Saudi woman to be lashed for defying driving ban

A recent report has said women should not be allowed to drive as it will lead to a loss of virginity, prostitution and homosexuality. For a woman to lose her virginity is to lose her market value.

‘End of virginity’ if women drive, Saudi cleric warns

Witch hunting is institutionalized in barbaric Saudi Arabia which seems to be stuck in the Dark Ages where witchcraft, sorcery and women are concerned. The country’s religious police has an Anti-Witchcraft Unit and a sorcery hotline to combat practices like astrology and fortune telling that are considered un-Islamic.

In the West a witch-hunt is a figure of speech. In Saudi Arabia it is a mediaeval barbarity.

The Alchemist
The Witch of Portobello
The Bookseller of Kabul
Women and Islam

Saudi Arabia denounces pro-democracy protests as ‘un-Islamic’

March 31, 2011
Saudi police

Saudi police

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “For every day on which the sun rises, there is a (reward) for the one who establishes justice among people.” — Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 3, Hadith 870

We explain the signs in detail for those who reflect. — Quran 10:24

Saudi Arabia has denounced pro-democracy protests as ‘un-Islamic’. This follows the sending in of tanks into Bahrain to quash peaceful pro-democracy protests.

Saudi Arabia’s top clerics have condemned calls for protests as un-Islamic. The Council of Senior Scholars said that “reform and advice do not take place by protests or methods that lead to sedition.” The Council of Senior Scholars was formed by a royal decree in 1971 to issue religious rulings. In other words a mouthpiece of the corrupt House of Saud.

At the request of Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Sheikh who heads the clerics council, Saudi Arabia is now printing and distributing 1.5 million copies of the fatwa condeming protests as ‘un-Islamic’.

The Quran places an obligation on learning, on justice, it grants women rights.

In Reconcilliation, Benazir Bhutto argues a very strong case that Islam and Democracy are not incompatable.

Islam and democracy is not an oxymoron. Democracy, human rights, women’s rights, learning, knowledge, is not something alien imposed on the Musim world by the West, these are values that lie at the heart of the Quran.

The Quran says that Islamic society is contigent on ‘mutual advice through mutual discussion on an equal footing.’

An Islamic society, one based on the Quran, is a society that upholds the principles of shura consultation, ijma building or reaching consensus, finally leading to ijtihad independent judgement.

We see none of this in Saudi Arabia where women are treated as second class citizens, where the corrupt House of Saud rules the country.

There are those clerics who claim to speak for Islam, who denigrate democracy, who deny women rights, who deny women an education, who rail against science and learning, who endorse atrocities against other religious communities. Such clerics are a pervision of Islam.

The edict issued in Saudi Arabia is un-Islamic, it serves simply to keep the corrupt House of Saud in power.

Sheikh Gamal Qotb, former head of the Al-Azhar fatwa committee, has criticised the fatwa, saying peaceful protests help promote virtue and prevent evil. Sheikh Gamal Qotb has called the Saudi edict a big mistake, saying protesters warn officials of their mistakes before those mistakes grow larger. He said Muslim governments should allocate channels for citizens to express their opinions and give feedback to officials.

Al-Azhar is the highest religious institution in the Sunni Muslim world.

Pro-democracy forces are spreading in the Middle East. The sooner the corrupt House of Saud and the royal family in neighbouring Bahrain are toppled the better. The sooner the West kicks its addition to Midlde East oil the better.

The dicatators have fallen in Egypt and Tunisia. They are on their way out in Yemen and Libya. Next, the corrupt House of Saud, the Royal family in Bahrain?

Shura: A process of reaching a descision ie consensus involvolving all members of the community.

The 42nd Sura of Quran is named as Shura. The 38th verse of that Sura suggests that shura is praiseworthy but does not indicate whether or not it is mandatory, or who should be consulted:

Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance” [are praised]

The 159th verse of 3rd Sura orders Muhammad to consult with believers. The verse makes a direct reference to those (Muslims) who disobeyed Muhammad, indicating that ordinary, fallible Muslims should be consulted:

Thus it is due to mercy from God that you deal with them gently, and had you been rough, hard hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you; pardon them therefore and ask pardon from them, and take counsel with them in the affair; so when you have decided, then place your trust in God; surely God loves those who trust.

Ijmā: the reaching of consensus. The hadith of Muhammad which states that “My community will never agree upon an error”.

Ijtihad: The process of reacing a judicial desicion based upon the evidence, not on tradition or doctrine.

Saudis print fatwa against protests
Saudi prints 1.5 million copies of anti-demo edict
Al-Azhar scholar criticizes Saudi edict banning protests
Saudi insists protests not Islamic, Facebook group calls for demos
Saudi Arabia’s senior clerics denounce protests as un-Islamic
Saudi Arabia imposes ban on ‘un-Islamic’ protests
Saudi Arabia imposes ban on ‘Un-Islamic’ protests
The Saudi women taking small steps for change
Women and Islam

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