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Russell Brand: The Sun smear campaign

December 8, 2014
Sun garbage

Sun garbage

Once again, The Sun shows it occupies the gutter.

Last week, Russell Brand and a group of tenants from New Era Estates, presented a petition to No 10 Downing Street. Their concern, they face massive rent increase and eviction following acquisition by US vulture capitalists Westbrook aka Westcrook.

Russell Brand was interviewed outside 10 Downing Street by a reporter from Channel 4 News, but instead of focusing on the issues, families being socially cleansed from London by rapacious American corporations, the reporter persisted in asking question about where Russell Brand lived, how much did his house cost.

The following day The Sun ran a smear campaign on its front page, calling Russell Brand a hypocrite because he rents his apartment from a tax dodger.

A few days later, the smear campaign continued on the front page of The Sun.

As Noam Chomsky discusses in Manufacturing Consent, only a narrow discourse is permitted in the mainstream media. Straying outside of that discourse, as Russell Brand has learnt, is not tolerated.

On the BBC, we get the same tired old has-been politicians who do not know what they are talking about, the trivia of Westminster, so-called experts are wheeled out.

A journalist very quickly learns to toe the line, if not, they are out on their ear, as recently happened with Nafeez Ahmed, when The Guardian in a disgraceful act decided to part with his company.

We are moving into a world of energy, economic and environmental crisis, of brutal crackdown and criminalisation of political dissent, of smearing those who speak out, of rapacious global corporations, of conflict between civil society and global corporations resembling war zones, of corrupt politicians on the take, for sale to the highest bidder, Islamists and terrorists used as excuse for Draconian state powers, of the State being there to protect the rich and powerful.

The State, is developing tools to monitor the Internet, to sniff out signs of dissent, social deviancy. Sound familiar? It should do, read Nineteen Eighty-four. We even have the language of Nineteen Eighty-four.

The pre-conditions for Revolution in the West already exist. All it needs is one spark, one incident, our Tunisian fruit-seller moment.

Murdoch wants to give you his view of the world. But things are changing, we have social media, we have people living on New Era Estate who are willing to stand up and be counted, who are inspiring others to stand up and be counted. It is not a world Murdoch wishes you to know about.

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