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Putting the local community first

April 29, 2014
Farnborough's pride ---> Farnborough's  shame

Farnborough’s pride —> Farnborough’s shame

Plans to destroy Firgrove Parade and Firgrove Green, and even more so plans to destroy The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, opened the eyes of the local community that they had a dysfunctional local council, out of control and unaccountable, local councillors who were unfit for purpose, who held the local community in contempt.

A head of planning lied that the trees at Firgrove Green were in poor state of health. This was seen not to be true when the trees were cut down.

The Tumbledown Dick demolition

The Tumbledown Dick demolition

A head of planning who lied that The Tumbledown Dick was being saved. As passers by have noticed, it is being demolished.

A head of planning who claimed there would be no litter, no anti-social behaviour, no gridlocked roads, when a 200+ seater Drive-Thru McDonald’s opened. Local residents will be able to see for themselves.

The local councillors who should have been acting for the local community, showed nothing but contempt for the local community.

£1 million has been squandered on repaving Queensmead. According to the imbecile leader of the council, this would bring shoppers into Farnborough. He also welcomed that tax dodger Starbucks had opened a coffee shop in Farnborough.

Brian Parker had a secret behind closed doors meeting with McDonald’s to stitch up a deal to demolish The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. At the planning meeting to demolish The Tumbledown Dick, Brian Parker made derogatory comments about the local community, made sexist comments about females involved in the campaign to save The Tumbledown Dick. Brian Parker voted to destroy The Tumbledown Dick

Brian Parker has shown he is unfit to be a councillor. Brian Parker is up re-election in the May local elections. It is time Brian Parker was kicked out of office as he is a disgrace.

Rod Cooper was a member of the planning committee that decided the fate of the Tumbledown Dick. Rod Cooper made derogatory comments about the local community who were fighting hard to save The Tumbledown Dick, who unlike Rod Cooper were working on behalf of the local community. Rod Cooper voted to destroy The Tumbledown Dick. Later that evening Rod Cooper showed up with a couple of his planning cronies at the Tilly Shilling. They were asked to explain their behaviour. Their response was sickening. They did not understand what was going on, and so all they could do was vote how officials told them to vote.

They do not know know what is going on, could sum up most Rushmoor councillors, clueless idiots, but they are more than happy to collect over quarter of a million pounds in expenses. Snouts in the trough, the snouts are well and truly in the trough.

Rod Cooper has shown he is unfit to be a councillor. Rod Cooper is up re-election in the May local elections. It is time Rod Cooper was kicked out of office as he is a disgrace.

These are by no means the only councillors who need to be removed. These are those currently up for re-election should they stand again, who need to be removed from office.

If we look at the recently restored Queen Hotel in Aldershot, we see what The Tumbledown Dick could have been. The local community were willing to buy, restore and run The Tumbledown Dick. Local councillors, who are elected to represent the local community, far from giving their support, kicked the local community in the teeth.

Two veterans of Firgrove Parade and Tumbledown Dick Campaign, have agreed to stand for election. They are backed by the Green Party as it tallies with their philosophy of local accountability, councillors working hard on behalf of their local community, not on behalf of greedy developers.

Donna Wallace is standing in Empress.

Carl Hewitt is standing in St Mark’s aka North Camp.

A council in the pocket of Big Business, in bed with greedy developers.

Councillors who are more than happy to claim expenses, but less than happy to do the work, who fail to act for the local community, who fail to scrutinise what is put before them, who like mindless sheep, rubber-stamp all that officials put before them.

It is time for change. Time to put the community first.

Note: Brian Parker and Rod Cooper are not standing for re-election. Good riddance, their track record would not have withstood public scrutiny.