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Lunch at Butcher & Beast

February 15, 2020

Never go anywhere on St Valentine’s Day, at least not eat out.

I made that mistake once, ate with friends at an Indian restaurant. It was so awful, so tacky.

I thought maybe lunchtime would be ok in a village pub.

Pub was busy, lucky to find a table, but then the pub tiny.

Pub full of dogs.

Menu far too many items, which is never a good sign.

I had decided on gammon steak, but as rump streak only a pound more decided on rump steak.

Asked the young lad serving of the soup. He did not know. He went and checked. Tomato and basil

Ordered the tomato soup. A long wait, soup never came, steak arrived, followed by a bowl of chips.

Steak was ok, worth paying three times what would pay Wetherspoon on Tuesday (if add in the beer)? No, on a good day, Wetherspoon better, on a bad day worse.

Not in the same league as steak in Athens. But then that was around 30 euros.

Onion rings were cold, peas almost cold, mushroom, tomato and chips hot.

The last part of my streak tough and grisly. I shared with two cocker spaniels, making friends for life.

Beer bitter, I would far have preferred a decent craft beer. Never confuse hops with bitter.

A choice of around half a dozen real ales. Far better than most pubs which serve the output of chemical plants owned international conglomerates. Better than the average Wetherspoon, look closer and note most of the real ales are from conglomerates.

Poor though compared with a good tap room. For example BearHeadz or Growlers & Cans.

White van chiller van pulled up and offloaded as finished meal (well actually a large lorry). Across the road an excellent butcher. That pub sources from a catering supplier, says all you need to know about the pub. I then popped across the road to the butcher. I will cook something far better than the pub served.

We are currently at risk of coronavirus. No soap in the toilet to wash hands.

Late lunch at The Queen Hotel

June 13, 2016
rump streak

rump streak

Rump steak at The Queen Hotel, a J D Wetherspoon pub.

The rump steal was excellent, mash instead of chips.

8 oz rump steak for £3-99, add in half a pint of Ruddles bitter £5-02.

Dinner at Wetherspoon

June 20, 2013
The Tilly Shilling  rump steak

The Tilly Shilling rump steak

The Wetherspoon in Farnborough, The Tilly Shilling, is fairly new pub, dating from 2011. This was my first, and possibly last visit. I ended up there last night, needing a drink after the appalling planning meeting at Rushmoor, and feeling hungry, decided to have something to eat.

I chose rump steak. To my surprise, it came with a free drink. had I known, I would not have ordered a drink. I asked could I have my free drink later, and they said yes.

A long wait before food came, easily half an hour. I could not see why, as although the pub was busy, I did not see people eating.

The steak came with peas, chips, a single mushroom and half a tomato.

I asked was there any salt. I was told to go off and get it, which I thought was very poor service.

The steak was a little dry, the chips a little tired, but apart from that, ok.

What was interesting was the price. £9-50 for the meal, but I was entitled to a free drink, value, or should I say price, £2-49, but only the guest ales.

The offer only applied to the guest beers. How is this possible? Wetherspoon ring round the small breweries, any real ale close to its sell-by date. Wetherspoon buy it on the cheap, the alternative for the small brewery is to pour it down the drain. WEtherspoon literally have them over a barrel. A small, independent pub is not able to do this, they do not have the throughput to get rid of a barrel.

When I arrived, a little before 9pm, there were a few table and chairs outside, though not a pleasant place to sit during the day, on a busy road. After 9pm, the pulled them in. It was very hot, I asked why they did not have their windows open. They said not allowed by order of the local council.

Inside, larger than i expected. The atmosphere was that of a continental cafe, with tables and chairs, than a traditional pub. I was surprised to find it quite busy.

The name The Tilly Shilling is from Beatrice (Tilly) Shilling (1909-1990), an aeronautical engineer who was responsible for correcting a serious defect in the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine during the Second World War. She also was a well-known racing motorcyclist.

Tilly Shilling was married to George Naylor, a bomber pilot with 625 Squadron, where he was Wing Commander at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

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