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Five minutes with … Paul Mason

January 14, 2016
follow your dreams

follow your dreams

An interesting five minutes with Paul Mason courtesy of RSA.

Marxist theory of value: labour plus materials plus capital. We now have a fourth factor, information.

Information flows freely, all that prevents this flow is repressive intellectual property rights and the Copyright Mafia.

Networks of people are information networks.

We fail to take a holistic approach to life, we do what society expects, not what we really wish to do. We fail to follow our dreams, then spend the rest of our lives regretting it

A Basic Income would go some way to provide people with basic needs, and freeing them to do what they really wish to do, not forced to work to earn a living.

Paris Commune, people running their own affairs, an anathema to the state.

We  must reinvent the Paris Commune, launch Flatpack Democracy revolutions, seize control of local Town Halls, then network.

Paul Mason is a rarity, a journalist of integrity, who knows what he is talking about, who is not part of the media-political establishment. Economics editor of Channel 4 News. His book PostCapitalism is a must read.

Paul Mason discussing PostCapitalism at RSA

October 23, 2015

Channel 4 editor Paul Mason at RSA discussing PostCapitalism.

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