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La Plata

November 30, 2014
La Plata

La Plata

La Plata featuring Nidia Gongora from the album Quantic – La Plata feat. Nidia Gongora by Quantic.

Colombian jazz-rock-salsa-reggae fusion.

Lemniscate: Uncovered Volume 2

November 15, 2013
Lemniscate: Uncovered Volume 2

Lemniscate: Uncovered Volume 2

This is an unbelievable combination of cello and vocals.

Play late at night, loud!

Limited edition of 1000.

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter.

The entire Unwoman back catalogue is available on a memory stick.

Raul Seixas – O inicio, o fim, o meio

April 28, 2013

Documentary on Raul Seixas.

Raul Seixas (1945-1989), Brazilian rock composer, singer, songwriter and producer, born in Salvador, Brazil, and died of pancreatitis in São Paulo.

Prior to being a writer, Paulo Coelho was in a song-writing partnership with Raul Seixas.

Thanks to Paulo Coelho for posting on his blog.

Synchronicity: Only a couple of days ago, I was discussing Raul Seixas with a Brazilian girl and the song-writing partnership he had with Paulo Coelho.

Stairway to Heaven – Rick Wakeman

February 1, 2013

A beautiful rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic Stairway to Heaven by Rick Wakeman.

I saw Led Zeppelin perform Stairway to Heaven live, either it had just been released or yet to be released.

Sasha Ilyukevich and The Highly Skilled Migrants

November 23, 2012
Jimmy Kanga and Sasha Ilyukevich, c. 2006, Quinto, 48a Charing Cross Road

Jimmy Kanga and Sasha Ilyukevich, c. 2006, Quinto, 48a Charing Cross Road

I came across an album by Sasha Ilyukevich and The Highly Skilled Migrants in one of the secondhand bookshops on Charing Cross Road during my fruitless quest to find a copy of NeverSeconds. I was tempted to pick up a copy, instead an illegible business card.

Whether these haunting melodies, all in Russian, are on the album I came across, I know not.

The one place the album should be, where it is not, is bandcamp.

Very Dylanesque, guitar and vocals shades of Mark Knopfler, at times shades of punk, at times dark melancholy.

The Rolling Stones – Live On Copacabana Beach

August 27, 2012

The Rolling Stones played in front of 1.5million people, the biggest concert of all time, at Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro, on the 18th February 2006.

To celebrate the beginning of their 50th anniversary year, on 12th July 2012 The Stones released this historic concert in its entirety.

More groups need to follow their good example and release high quality footage of their concerts for fans to watch.

The Rio concert was the opening night of a World Tour.

The concert opened with AfroReggae.

Many years ago I saw The Stones play in London.

Woods way – Karina Vismara

August 15, 2012
Woods way - Karina Vismara

Woods way – Karina Vismara

From Argentina and currently in Guildford until she moves to Brighton, Karina Vismara is a very talented singer song-writer.

Woods way is a brilliant piece of avant garde rock, unfortunately spoilt by the change at the end. Always a good idea to keep it simple and not try to be too clever and overdo it.

Strong influence of Astor Piazzolla.

I met Karina Vismara in Godalming where she was performing at Staycation Live by the River Wey.

Measure of Love

February 15, 2012
Measure of Love - Misty Edwards & David Brymer

Measure of Love - Misty Edwards & David Brymer

It is the saints who know what being in love is all about. Earthly love pales by comparison. — Thomas Dubay

I do not like yucky Christian worship music. It makes the skin crawl. They all sound the same, the same syrupy saccharine lyrics, you can almost hear them drooling.

It does not compare with with traditional Victorian hymns and earlier, a competent choir.

Even less with earlier polyphonic music.

What a pleasure then to listen to Measure of Love by Misty Edwards & David Brymer. Brilliant musically and well recorded. Misty Edwards has a beautiful voice.

The lyrics of Harlot are fantastic. Hard to believe this was a spontaneous recording in a prayer room. Some prayer room! It sends shivers down the spine! Play it loud!

It is a pity Misty Edwards & David Brymer had not thought to embed the lyrics. Hopefully this they will do as both FLAC and mp3 make this possible.

The cover art is also excellent.

A pity it is not on bandcamp to order as a CD. I can think of two places it would sell.

A very moving album.

The Traveler and The King

February 12, 2012
The Traveler and The King - Stadtmusikantin und Sterntaler

The Traveler and The King - Stadtmusikantin und Sterntaler

Stadtmusikantin und Sterntaler (now: Traveler’s Diary), I just love their band home page on bandcamp.

This is one of those albums, you will either love or hate. Avante-garde rock cum jazz fusion. Brilliant!

I love the album artwork too!

No1 Top Story in Jazz Stories (Sunday 12 February 2012).

compositions/vocals/piano/guitar: Die Stadtmusikantin 
doublebass: Meike Krautscheid 
drums/percussion: Fiete Wachholtz 

music recording & production: Daniel Meyer 

album cover by: Josephine hans, Stefanie heinze 

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

December 6, 2010

Fleetwood Mac around the time I saw them when they changed from blues to rock. Live performance of Dreams by The Corrs is also good.

Also see

The Corrs – Dreams

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