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Rudolf Schenker talking about his life

December 9, 2014

Make something of your life. — Rudolf Schenker

Rudolf Schenker lead guitarist and co-founder of German rock group The Scorpions talking about life, happiness and success.

As Santiago was told by the old man in The Alchemist: Follow your dreams.

If you do not follow your dreams, you will spend the rest of your life regretting it, until you eventually forget what you dreams were.

If you are are a writer you write what you have to say, a musician what you wish to play. If you try to please a publisher, a record label, follow what the market dictates, you will not be a success.

Grayson Perry in his Reith Lectures last year, made the point, do not follow fashion, style or the market, be true to yourself,a nd you are more likely to be a success.

World Book Night

April 23, 2012
A cantora Madonna, acredite, declarou ser "O Alquimista", do brasileiro Paulo Coelho, um dos seus livros prediletos

A cantora Madonna, acredite, declarou ser "O Alquimista", do brasileiro Paulo Coelho, um dos seus livros prediletos

Rock Your Life - Rudolf Schenker

Rock Your Life - Rudolf Schenker

local authors at World Book Night at Guildford Library

local authors at World Book Night at Guildford Library

Tonight is World Book Night, a million books are to be given away.

Twenty-five titles including: The Alchemist, Pride and Prejudice, The Player of Games, A Tale of Two Cities, Rebecca, Small Island, The Book Thief.

Sharing is what we do with books, it is part of our book reading culture: We lend them to our friends, we donate them to charity shops.

Margaret Atwood:

Books without readers are like musical scores without players. And unless people are introduced to the joys of reading, reading books will disappear. World Book Night allows passionate readers to share the books they adore. And it’s a gift … gifts make powerful statements.

There are though a few killjoys: What all those books being given away, look at all the lost sales.

The same criticism has been levied at bookcrossing, a great idea, shame about the crap website.

Neil Gaiman:

Anything that gets people reading, anything that gets people back into the habit of reading, anything that reminds people how much pleasure they can take in a book is a good thing.

I don’t see this as millions of lost sales for bookshops; I see it as, potentially and with luck, hundreds of thousands more customers for bookshops.

We hear the whining from the global music industry: People sharing music is destroying our business.

If people no longer visit bookshops, the bookshops have only themselves to blame, that and the greedy publishers offering heavily discounted books to chain stores to try and turn around a quick buck.

World Book Night is not just a national event. Guildford Library tonight is open until midnight to celebrate local authors. Authors who will be at Guildford Library include Irene Black. Sadly the whole point of World Book Night appears to have been missed, that of giving books away.

World Book Night is not just a national event. This year the UK has been joined by USA, Ireland and Germany. In Germany copies of Rock Your Life will be given away.

In total, across all participating countries, 2.5 million books will be given away.

Writers write to be read, musicians play to be heard.

Unless we share, how do we find new books, new music?

I am pleased to see three of the participating authors are personal friends.

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Rock Your Life

November 15, 2011

Well done Rudolf Schenker, founder and lead guitarist of the Scorpions, for making your book Rock Your Life available for free download in Bulgarian!

Top story in OOSA Gets It Read (Tuesday 15 November 20110).

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