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Rock n Roll Christmas

December 9, 2012
rock n roll Christmas ...

rock n roll Christmas …

... Metal Fatigue

… Metal Fatigue

Last year I went to more Christmas concerts than I had previously managed in lifetime. I never though managed two in a day!

This afternoon I went to a Christmas Concert St Mark’s Primary School, this evening a Rock n Roll Christmas at North Camp Methodist Church.

I had seen a big poster outside the church a few days ago. I was running late. A bus came along, I hopped on, even though it was only two stops.

I have to say I did not like much of what they played. The Christmas pop that I hear every Christmas in every shop.

But they made up for it with one song, Away in a Manger, as you have never heard it before. An amazing blues number, could have been Jimmi Hendrix or the Rolling Stones, and with this one number Metal Fatigue showed they could play. It was worth going for this one number.

I asked later was this their arrangement? They said no, Blind Boys of Alabama. They also suggested I tried their version Amazing Grace to House of the Rising Sun.

If I am at a concert, my mind wonders, what could this venue be used for, who could play here?

I have only once been inside this church before (sadly churches are nearly always closed). What struck me then, and what struck me again this evening, was the amazing roof. It resembles the ribs of an upturned boat.

But what also struck me this evening, was what a marvellous venue for concerts.

I then thought, bass player Steve Lawson is looking for venues for a sacred places tour. An idea that came out of Nothing Can Prepare. I mentioned this to a few people and got a positive response.

St Mark’s is freezing, with a broken boiler and facing a £25,000 bill for a replacement boiler. North Camp Methodist was warm and cozy. Would it not be a good idea were North Camp Methodist to host St Mark’s in the evening? Or an alternative instead of time sharing the building, time sharing the service, alternate weeks led by each church.

Chatting to the bass player I said bandcamp was a good site for music. I also mentioned the Bob Dylan and Ronnie Wood art currently on exhibition in Guildford.

Chatting to the bass player, I was one of the last to leave the church now all locked up.

As I left the church, a bus came along, so I hopped on, even though only two stops.

Sunday, buses are only every half an hour. What are the chances of a bus coming along, not only once, but twice? What was even more amazing, the same driver.

God must have been smiling on me this evening.

A very clear sky. Stars very sharp and bright.

North Camp Methodist Church is a Victorian Church in North Camp, built with money raised through public subscription.

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