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January 3, 2017

Robbie Williams performed live in London to see in the New Year.

A poor lacklustre mediocre performance.

Not a patch on Frank Sinatra classic live at Royal Albert Hall where he had edge.

The Diamond Jubilee Concert

June 4, 2012


The Diamond Jubilee Concert took place outside Buckingham Palace, part of four days of Diamond Jubilee celebrations to mark 60 years on the throne of Queen Elisabeth II.

The concert opened with Robbie Williams.

One song, then some jerk talking drivel wasting time.

A lot of the acts were unbelievable crap, Jessie J, JLS

Jessie J was summed up for me by a clone in a seedy bar in Protaras in Cyprus! I say clone as what is their to pay tribute to? The same bar had clone Lady Gaga, clone Amy Winehouse. The originals are bad enough, why would anyone wish to copy them. why on earth would anyone other than English whose idea of music is X Factor wish to sit in a crap bar listening to crap music?

On the other hand, Shadowboxer did a brilliant cover of Price Tag.

Another seedy bar had, now don’t laugh, X-factor winner! Yep, X-Factor does wonders for a career in music!

Anyway, enough of caustic asides, back to The Diamond Jubilee Concert …

JLS followed by a female talking drivel.

Gary Barlow (cannot stand) and Cheryl.

Interesting design of diamond stage and wrap around seating with Royal Box in the middle.

Amazing looking down the Mall and seeing it lined with people. Those who has tickets for the stage, also had a soggy picnic in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

More drivel, followed by Cliff Richard medley.

Did we really have to these idiots talking rubbish between the acts. Were they supposed to be funny?

Lang Lang on piano. Bloody awful noise for intro. As was most of the rest of his performance. Gershwin was ok but I have heard far better. Give me Imogen Heap or Fazil Say any day.

Irritating female from earlier back again talking drivel.

Opera singer Alfie Boe. One of these bloody awful pop-opera crossovers.

Lenny Henry not funny, but used to be.

Jools Holland, at last someone with some talent. Joined by Ruby Turner. So far first good act.

idiot who introduced the concert back again talking drivel.

Grace Jones has talent, but what an awful outfit, looks like a drag queen. I am impressed by hula-hoop whilst singing.

Now two idiots talking drivel.

It’s getting worse. An unknown on acoustic guitar who can neither sing nor play.

I have never in my life seen a concert as dire as this.

Annie Lennox used to be good, but this is very poor performance.

Where on earth are they digging these people up from? Rolf Harris?

American soprano Renée Fleming a welcome relief to what has gone before.

Idiot back talking drivel.

Tom Jones, a Welsh boy with talent. Fantastic performance of Delilah. Loved the Spanish acoustic guitar. Sends shivers down the spine.

Tom Jones is in a different league to what has gone before!

Lenny Henry back talking rubbish.

Very smart outfit the Queen wearing just escorted into Royal Box by Prince Charles.

Robbie Williams back. Tom Jones a hard act to follow.

This is becoming bloody ridiculous. Robbie Williams one song, now Rolf Harris back talking drivel.

Gary Barlow has done nothing special travelling the world finding musical talent. Playing for Change have been doing this for some time connecting together street musicians, and finding better talent.

Idiot back talking drivel.

I am no fan of Shirley Bassey, but even she stands out as talent compared with most of what has gone before.

Kylie in a league of her own! Her concerts are amazing performances!

Idiot back talking rubbish.

Soprano Renée Fleming and tenor Alfie Boe on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. She has a fantastic voice. Shivers down the spine!

Idiot back talking drivel.

Classic Elton John! Passed his best, and yet still far better than most of what has gone before. Princess Diana would have loved it! Shivers down the spine!

Rolf Harris back. Err!

Excellent film footage of Queen Elisabeth 60 years on the throne.

Lenny Henry talking rubbish.

Soul legend Stevie Wonder. Disappointed. Very mediocre performance from Stevie Wonder. Last number better.

Artists not enough time to warm up and give their best.

Prat back talking drivel.

Madness. More bland, mediocre rubbish.

Another idiot talking drivel.

Paul McCartney, a real rock n roller, a great live performer! Brilliant Live and Let Die, fireworks and laser display.

Paul McCartney rescued what otherwise was an unbelievably bad concert.

Queen looking very elegant in gold dress. As with Kate previous day at River Pageant, style!

Excellent and moving speech by Prince Charles.

The concert ended with the Queen lighting the last of the beacons, the National Beacon, followed by a firework display set to music. Beacons were lit across the world, not just across the UK.

Last summer we torched our towns and cities. This year we lit beacons.

Why did BBC roll the credits obscuring the end of firework display?

Sound quality was unbelievably bad. That on radio 2 was a little better, but still not good and out of synch with that on BBC One. That on BBC One awful.

20,000 had tickets for the concerts, tens of thousands more in the Mall.

Whose dumb idea was it to let Gary Barlow organise this concert? A man of zilch talent, from a pathetic boy band, and clearly of zilch musical taste.

The concert should have been a few talented artists each given half an hour each.

This has to rate as one of the worst concerts I have seen. A few good artists who were in a league of their own, dragged down by rubbish.

What we saw was a concert aimed at the X Factor generation.

Good was no corporate sponsorship. Bad was unemployed bussed into London, forced to work as stewards for zero pay, then told to sleep under London Bridge. This is how modern Britain under a ConDem government treats the most vulnerable in society.

Last night people could not get home from the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, and it finished late afternoon. How on earth are people to get home tonight? Once again we are let down by our crap privatised public transport.

Four days of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations end tomorrow, ie Tuesday, a thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral at 9-30 in the morning, then a carriage procession at 2-30pm in the afternoon. There should be a flypast but it may not take place due to poor weather conditions.

No 1 Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Tuesday 5 June 2012).

Who was Jimi Hendrix?

September 25, 2009

“Yes, I was surprised many people did not know who was Hendrix!”  — Paulo Coelho

“No comments on ‘who was Janis Joplin?’ Probably because I was shocked with ‘who was Hendrix’?” — Paulo Coelho

In the early hours of this morning I watched a little of The Song Remains the Same, a concert Led Zeppelin gave in Madison Square Gardens in New York in 1973. Probably the same lineup as I saw in 1972. Songs to send shivers down the spine – ‘Black Dog’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Whole Lotta Love’. Before I knew it, it was almost 2-30am. I then watched a little of Robbie Williams one nighter Live at the Royal Albert Hall, a rendering of Frank Sinatra and Rat Pack classics. Quite moving ‘Mr Bojangles.’

I compared then with what now one has ones ears assaulted with. I do not know why, but the worse a person’s musical taste is, the more they feel they have to impose it on those around them. Why do I have to have these morons sat near me on a train? Once upon a time musicians played the clubs, learnt the ropes. They played because they loved music. Now they are wanna be celebrities on shows like X Factor and Pop Idol and their multitude clones around the world. Nonentities seeking their five minutes of fame.

On one of these shows, opiate of the masses, Led Zeppelin would not get past the get go.

Gone 3am, I checked my messages, and my attention was caught by a couple of messages from Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. Synchronicity?

Who was Jimi Hendrix?

That is the question people were asking Paulo Coelho. He was shocked,  I was shocked, that people did not know. It goes without saying they do not know who Janis Joplin was either.

For those who do not know, Janis was with Jefferson Airplane, then Jefferson Starship. Try ‘White Rabbit’.

There are excellent musicians around.

Jon’s Jam play at a rundown pub, The Old Ford,  next to North Camp Station. Sometimes they are rubbish at other times excellent. Depends who is playing. Just a group of musicians who get to play at a pub.

They would not get a look in either on these rubbish TV programmes.

A few weeks ago I was on a train from Guildford to North Camp. I had a message from my friend Jane reference Jimi Hendrix. I thought ‘All Along the Watchtower’, Hendrix brilliant rendition of the Bob Dylan classic.

I got off the train, walked into The Old Ford, and could not believe it, Jon’s Jam playing ‘All Along the Watchtower’, more Hendrix than Dylan. Synchronicity?

I picked up these two concerts Tuesday afternoon from Ben’s Records in Guildford, probably the best record shop in the country for choice and diversity, and amazingly cheap, unlike a second-hand record shop in North Laine area of Brighton, grumpy service and extortionate prices.

Brighton does though have an excellent music scene. Try Jacob’s Stories or Mechanical Bride. Impossible to find in the shops. Not even in Resident, a must visit independent record shop in the North Laine area of Brighton.

Earlier yesterday afternoon I had chatted with two Brazilian girls. They did not not know who Paulo Coelho was! I expect this from English, but Brazilians! They did at least know AfroReggae. I could have tried Ana Carma, but a guess I know the answer without even trying.

Before he was a writer, Paulo Coelho was record producer and songwriter. Maybe he also performed as the young Paulo Coelho looks very much the part as a Brazilian Jimi Hendrix.

First published as a facebook note 16 September 2009.

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