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Roast Sunday lunch at Butcher and Beast

September 17, 2017

I have occasionally eaten mid-week at the Butcher and Beast in Heighington, this the first time Sunday roast dinner.

Necessary to book.

As far as I could see, times staggered for each table, I assume to make it easier for serving.

Ushered into a rather grim restaurant at the bank completely lacking in character. I had always thought the gloomy back room was the restaurant. I asked to sit in the pub itself but no, reserved for regulars.

Excellent roast leg of pork with all the trimmings, as was the roast beef.  Portion size generous. The boiled potatoes though were cold.

Sitting in the restaurant it was cold due to an outside door being propped open with a plant pot.

At the tiny bar, half a dozen real ales.

The meal had arrived, rather than go and choose and my dinner get cold, I ordered their local Batemans.

I noticed from the pictures on the wall, an interest in aviation. I offered to bring in signed limited edition prints but no one came to discuss.

Heighington is a Lincolnshire village of stone cottages, not far from Lincoln. Its only tea shop closed a couple of years ago. The Post Office has also closed. There is now a tiny Post Office counter in the local Spar shop. Also hidden at the back of the Spar shop is the local butcher, one of the best in the country. It is worth a visit, for his Lincolnshire sausages.

Lunch at Park Street Eatery

January 17, 2017

Roast dinner, roast beef, tasted better than it looked, but not great.

Park Street Eatery must be the busiest restaurant in Lincoln, it was packed.

Contrast with a chain eatery in the High Street, where half price and trying to drag business in off the street.

For starters parsnip soup, and a cake for dessert (which was free).

Very reasonable prices. A little over £6, with a free dessert (special offer for January). Otherwise £6-50 for three courses.

Very hot. Failure to use the thermostat on the radiators.

Lunch at Debenham’s

June 19, 2015
Milmead view of River Wey whilst eating lunch

Milmead view of River Wey whilst eating lunch

Debenham’s can do an excellent roast dinner, though it is very variable, usually let down by their vegetables.

roast pork and vegetables

roast pork and vegetables

Today it was roast pork, which is usually excellent. Today was excellent, though the crackling was not crisp.

The vegetables though were stone cold. And why no roast potatoes? Or at the very least, new potatoes?

Wifi did not work, Or rather the wifi did work, it was a good signal and fast speed, it was not connecting to anything.

I tried opening a web browser, as sometimes a log in is required (though this should be automatic), nada.

I spoke with a helpful Filipino lady. She said open web browser and log in. I did and it said welcome  Keith.

You are already logged in she said.

Still no connection.

chocolate cheesecake

chocolate cheesecake

I was going to have a cake elsewhere but their cheesecake looked good and so I stopped and had chocolate cheesecake and  a pot of tea.

I told the lady the vegetables were cold. She said I should have told her earlier.

As I was leaving I could hear data connecting.

I stopped and checked, yes I was now connected.

The restaurant overlooks the river, and as it was  a pleasant day, I sat outside.

As I was beside the river, I decided to take a walk along the River Wey to St Catherine’s Lock.

Lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

February 5, 2015
mushroom soup

mushroom soup

roast lunch

roast lunch

Stokes is excellent for coffee, indeed the gold standard by which lesser coffees are judged. A pity the same cannot be said of lunch.

Last week I missed roast lunch by a few minutes. Scampi and chips was not good. I did consider lunch at the County Restaurant, but as I missed out on roast lunch last week, I thought I would give it a try. A big mistake.

For starters mushroom soup. It was ok, but I have had far better.

It came with an enormous bap. Too enormous.

Portion size meagre.

The roast dinner was beef. Indeed every time I have looked it has been beef. I would have preferred roast pork.

When served, it looked singularly unappetising.

Initial impressions proved correct. It was pretty awful.

Yorkshire pudding was dried up and burnt. Mashed potatoes were not very nice. Something which I think was red cabbage, but why was it sweet?

Last week I had breakfast, not the full English. Bacon in a bap. A lovely piece of bacon, but I did not think much of the fluffy white bap. The same bap that gets served with the soup.

Stokes on High Bridge is an establishment that prides itself on quality, excellent coffee, skilled baristas, charming waitresses in its coffee shop, knowledgeable on coffee, quality ingredients, and yet lunch is awful.

I suggest a new chef, as something is going very wrong in the kitchen.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stokes on High Bridge for coffee. I cannot recommend for lunch.

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