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Souvlaki with griddled tomato kissir

July 22, 2021

Beef souvlaki with griddled tomatoes and bulgur.

Greek souvlaki, English kebabs.

Kissir, Turkish salad

Overnight marinade diced beef. Finely chopped mint and olive oil, add salt, add the beef. After ten minutes, turn over the beef, leave for several hours.

I prepared at two in the morning. After two hours popped in the fridge. In the morning took out to reach room temperature. Add juice of half a lemon and cinnamon.

Bulgur wheat, add double of boiling water. Bring to the boil, allow to simmer for a minute. Stir in bouillon and olive oil oil. A little salt. Turn off the heat but leave on the heat. Fluff up. Add chopped herbs, mint and parsley. Save a little of the herbs for dressing. Add chopped onion. Squeeze half a lemon. Cover and leave.

Slice tomatoes in half. Mix in a bowl with rapeseed oil, finely chopped garlic clove. and tamarind.

Add tomatoes to griddle pan

Four kebab sticks. I used stainless steel. If using bamboo soak in water first to prevent burning.

Thread beef interlaced with peppers. Rest on pan suspended above the tomatoes.

Pan in an oven at 200C for 30 minutes. Turn skewers every five minutes. When turning, drizzle what us left of the marinade.

Dish very tasty.

Yet more problems with Riverford.

Yellow pepper bruised and going mouldy. Included a yellow pepper and red pepper

I only needed one pepper

I estimated cooking times. If an hour for a chicken thigh, try thirty minutes.

Tomatoes very poor for salad tomatoes, Tasteless. Fine for cooking.

Peas lentils and fried tofu

July 17, 2021

Prepare everything before start.

Fresh mint from the garden, strip off leaves.

Chop onions and leaves.

Chop chives.

Cabbage, chop the stalls, roll leaves and slice.

Cut tenderstem broccoli into equal sizes.

Pod peas.

Slice chives.

Drain and rinse lentils.

Toast sesame seeds in hot fry pan for a couple of minutes. Pop on a plate for later.

Oil in hot pan, fry onions for a couple of minutes.

Add cabbage, fry for a couple of minutes.

Empty contents of frying pan into a saucepan, add lentils, half lentil can of water, chives, mint, on top add broccoli and peas. Simmer for several minutes.

Add more oil to frying pan. Slice tofu, fry for three minutes each side.

Drain saucepan, empty onto plates, add tofu, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds, drizzle … oil.


Never cooked tofu before. Dish was ok but not great. Would not to repeat.

Big questions Riverford.

Day of delivery has changed, possibly different source. Service poor and none too happy with contents. Why were bags ripped open?

Used peas already had. Bag of peas ripped open. Save for another day.

Mint was in very poor condition, starting to decompose. Tossed on compost heap. Picked fresh mint from the garden.

Cabbage outer leaves poor condition. Stripped off and tossed on compost heap. I would not buy off a market stall cabbage in this poor condition.

Riverford rapidly going downhill in my estimation.

Serous problems with their deliveries.

Many mistakes on their Wicked Leaks posts.

Challenge and correct, raise problems with their deliveries, and they block from their facebook page.

Somehow methinks Riverford not the friendly high quality organisation they attempt to portray themselves as.

Riverford delivery gets worse

July 13, 2021

The last two deliveries a new schedule, different delivery day, and the service abysmal.

Last week box left in torrential rain. Box disintegrated, but luckily contents ok, or so I thought from a curory examination.

This morning again left in the rain, a light shower, pool of water had collected on the box. But this was only the beginning of the problems.

On top of the box, watercress and double cream.

The pot of double cream was covered in dirt and had to be wiped clean

Why was it not inside the box where there were blocks of ice?

The bag of watercress was ripped open.

When I later checked the contents, it got worse.

Bag of peas ripped open

Wet muddy onions. Why not in a paper bag?

Recipe wet and dirty from the wet muddy onions.

Something is going very very wrong.

Are others experiencing problems with change of deliveries?

Update: When I came to use the contents of the recipe box a few days later and prepare Peas lentils and fried tofu, I encountered further problems. More than one bag had been ripped open. Mint was in very poor condition starting to decompose and had to be thrown onto compost heap. Luckily I had fresh mint in the garden. The cabbage was in poor condition. I would not buy a poor quality cabbage off a market stall. Outer leaves stripped off, added to the compost heap.

Riverford rapidly going downhill in my estimation.

Serous problems with their deliveries.

Many mistakes on their Wicked Leaks posts.

Challenge and correct, raise problems with their deliveries, and they block from their facebook page.

Somehow methinks Riverford not the friendly organisation they attempt to portray themselves as.

Green pesto spaghetti with courgette and peas

June 30, 2021

In a hot frying pan, toast pine nuts for a couple of minutes until brown. Empty onto a plate to keep warm.

Pod fresh peas.

A small courgette, cut engthwise into thin slices. Not as easy as it sounds. Leave the end to grip, then what is left, cut into thin slices.

Into a pan of lighty salted water, add spaghetti. Cook for several minutes.

The last five minutes add the fesh peas to the spaghetti.

Last couple of minutes when spaghetti almost ready, stir fry with a little oil the thinly sliced corgette, add a few salad leaves, chopped dill, mint leaves stripped off stalks, rolled, then chopped. Return the roasted pine nuts to the pan

Drain the spaghetti and peas, add to the courgettes.

Add green pesto.


Tasty albeit a little anemic.

This was a modification of a dish from Riverford, Pea and Mint Pesto Spaghetti. The Riverfrd menu required to make the pesto from scrratch. A criticism of Riverford for not mnetioniong this not inconsequential detail when ordering. Far too much hassle, I added a pot of green pesto from Waitrose, which luckily was reduced.

Piss-poor Riverford food delivery

June 25, 2021

Raining all day, has been raining since last night.

A Riverford delivery sometime before nine this morning.

White plastic drooped over two boxes, not covering, with net result boxes soaking wet.

That was how I found the boxes at lunchtime.

When I looked a couple of hours later, top box a pool of water inside, the bottom box sodden.

A delivery a couple of weeks ago, hot sunny day, box or boxes covered with white plastic. Net result, everything inside overheating.

This is the second time I have had to raise with Riverford problems with delivery.

And can it get worse?

Yes, Riverford changing delivery from Friday to Tuesday. No consultation with customers, simply an edict from Riverford advising of change.

Riverford declare Climate Emergency

May 16, 2021

Riverford Organic Farms are best known for their veg boxes, but they also supply individual orders of fruit and vegetables and recipe boxes.

Organic is not sufficient, we have to look after the soil, regenerative agriculture, rewilding, how do we ship, where do we ship from, what is our carbon footprint, are we carbon negative?

We must look at lifecycle costs. Too many businesses, hype, greenwash, one part of their business, to draw our attention from other aspects.

An example would be Nestle and the podback scam, to draw attention away from other aspects of their business. Do not be fooled, buy coffee capsules from reputable coffee roasteries.

  • Kiss the Hippo – compostable
  • Colonna – aluminium and compostable

Riverford ship in cleverly designed boxes which can be reused, when reach end of their life can be shredded and composted.

Within the box, loose fruit and vegetables, packed in paper bags or compostable plastic bags or in small boxes of compressed card.

The large box collected on next delivery, the compressed trays used for kitchen waste to transfer to the compost heap, used as seed trays, when reach end of life pop on the compost heap.

The carbon offset scam tends to be just that a ploy not to reduce carbon emissions. Planting a tree that takes at least 20 years to reach maturity does not offset an easyJet flight of four hours.

We are not only facing a Climate Crisis, we are facing an ecological crisis, mass species extinction.

Riverford will be increasing biodiversity on their network of farms.

Thai mushroom and peanut noodles

May 8, 2021

Thai mushroom and peanut noodles Riverford vegan recipe box.

Ingredients: bunch of spring onions, garlic clove, 200ml can of coconut milk, Thai red curry paste, star anise, Thai red curry power, red pepper, chestnut mushrooms, spring greens, cherry tomatoes, peanut butter, noodles, optional red chilli pepper.

I will often substitute. For the red pepper a Romano red pepper from last week, for the cherry tomatoes overripe cherry tomatoes. I also substituted crunchy peanut butter as already had.

One medium, one large saucepan required.

Slice red pepper, mushrooms, garlic clove, red chilli pepper (deseed if too hot), slice spring onions, (green ends save for decoration of finished dish).

Water set to boil in the medium saucepan, to later add the noodles.

The method I changed. Instead of adding to large saucepan and frying, which I find ruins a saucepan, splosh of extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil, add dollop of coconut milk, half of the spring onions, garlic, Thai curry paste, curry powder, fry for about a minute, add remaining coconut milk.

Empty contents of frying pan into large saucepan.

Add star anise.

Add empty tin full of hot water to frying pan, swill around then empty into large saucepan.

Add large dollop of crunchy peanut butter to the large saucepan, stir.

Add the sliced mushrooms, tomatoes and red pepper to the large saucepan.

Add noodles to boiling water in medium saucepan.

Three minutes later add the spring greens.

After a further three minutes, add contents of medium saucepan to the large saucepan.

Serve, add green of spring onions for decorations.

Very tasty, goes well with a glass of red wine.

If I was to modify, add florets of broccoli instead of spring greens, add half a handful of raw peanuts.

Cautionary note: Despite my precautions, contents stuck and burnt to the bottom of the large saucepan. Essential to stir periodically.

Riverford delivery

May 8, 2021

Each Riverford delivery has proved to be different.

Order a recipe box late Wednesday at the latest and delivered Friday morning.

Order more than one recipe box and receive a discount.

I learnt recently, can also order fruit and vegetables, not restricted to a veg box, but a minimum £15 order.

More recently I learnt, can add to existing order for a recipe box, thus not limited by the £15 minimum order.

My first order, two recipe boxes to obtain a discount. One large box, partitioned in two. Top half the meat to go straight into the fridge, the bottom half two more boxes containing vegetables and other ingredients.

My delivery of fruit and vegetables, an open box with the fruit and vegetables inside.

My next delivery, an open box with fruit and vegetables, a smaller box with side by side, meat and a box with the vegetable and ingredients.

Overnight, leave out empty boxes, these are collected when delivery arrives in the morning.

Thursday night I did not leave out empty boxes due to heavy rain.

Friday morning, an open box with vegetable order, a bag containing a recipe box for a meal, Thai mushroom and peanut noodles.

Paprika beef with wild garlic and mushrooms

April 14, 2021

Potatoes scrubbed, cut smaller, pan of slightly salted boiling water, simmer for 20 minutes

Mushrooms sliced, popped in a frying pan with slosh of extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil and chopped thyme.

Escalopes of beef thinly sliced, mushrooms removed from the pan, beef added, another slosh of oil.

Beef seared both sides, paprika added, a little salt, once seared and brown, mushrooms back in the pan.

Add to pan, wild garlic, thyme.

Add to pan, crème fraiche.

Simmer for around five minutes, then ready to serve.


Suggestions: Wait until new potatoes and fresh peas in season, for the cream could add Greek yoghurt, sirloin steak cut into strips.

Jamie Oliver a useful guide (though not the same).

Beef mushroom and creme fraiche stroganoff

March 24, 2021

Slightly followed the Riverford recipe but guided by Jamie Oliver.

Splash of cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, sliced mushrooms, added to hot pan.

Then take out of the pan, add strips of beef.

Brown both sides of the strips of beef, return to the pan the mushrooms, then add the other ingresses, white wine splosh of hot water, simmer, add creme fraiche.

For the mashed potatoes I cheated. Colcannon mashed potatoes from M&S.

Plate the mash potatoes, add contents of the pan.

No resemblance to beef or mushroom stroganoff nevertheless tasty.

I only used about half of the cabbage, the creme fraiche, together with the potatoes, save for another dish.

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