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Piss-poor Riverford food delivery

June 25, 2021

Raining all day, has been raining since last night.

A Riverford delivery sometime before nine this morning.

White plastic drooped over two boxes, not covering, with net result boxes soaking wet.

That was how I found the boxes at lunchtime.

When I looked a couple of hours later, top box a pool of water inside, the bottom box sodden.

A delivery a couple of weeks ago, hot sunny day, box or boxes covered with white plastic. Net result, everything inside overheating.

This is the second time I have had to raise with Riverford problems with delivery.

And can it get worse?

Yes, Riverford changing delivery from Friday to Tuesday. No consultation with customers, simply an edict from Riverford advising of change.

Riverford delivery

May 8, 2021

Each Riverford delivery has proved to be different.

Order a recipe box late Wednesday at the latest and delivered Friday morning.

Order more than one recipe box and receive a discount.

I learnt recently, can also order fruit and vegetables, not restricted to a veg box, but a minimum £15 order.

More recently I learnt, can add to existing order for a recipe box, thus not limited by the £15 minimum order.

My first order, two recipe boxes to obtain a discount. One large box, partitioned in two. Top half the meat to go straight into the fridge, the bottom half two more boxes containing vegetables and other ingredients.

My delivery of fruit and vegetables, an open box with the fruit and vegetables inside.

My next delivery, an open box with fruit and vegetables, a smaller box with side by side, meat and a box with the vegetable and ingredients.

Overnight, leave out empty boxes, these are collected when delivery arrives in the morning.

Thursday night I did not leave out empty boxes due to heavy rain.

Friday morning, an open box with vegetable order, a bag containing a recipe box for a meal, Thai mushroom and peanut noodles.

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