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Richard Smerin

March 2, 2013
Richard Smerin fuera del restaurante en Puerto de la Cruz

Richard Smerin fuera del restaurante en Puerto de la Cruz

I came across Richard Smerin sat outside a restaurant playing his guitar to himself. From what little I heard, I had the impression he was of some mean talent.

I invited myself to join him. He told me he lived in Germany and got out a couple of his CDs to show me, one his latest album, Crony, the other a compilation album, Wandering Jew from a couple of yeas ago.

I asked was he on bandcamp. He could not see the need as he had his own website and was already on several websites. I explained it was to his advantage to put his music on bandcamp, even if he was already elsewhere and had his own website.

When people tell me I can listen to their music on their website, can download, I always have a quizical look. The reason is because it is always unblievably bad. Richard Smerin no exception. Why bother to reinvent an inferior wheel? He will do himself and his fans a big favour if he puts his music on bandcamp.

He invited me to the restuarant where he was sat outside, a newly opened Serbian restaurant, as he said he would be playing there on Sunday night, from 9pm until 11pm.