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Russell Brand reading an extract from Revolution

November 17, 2014

This is brilliant, Russell Brand walking into a university library and reading an extract from Revolution.

Maybe something other writers could try.

Though if in Lincolnshire the Philistines at the County Council are determined to close two-thirds of the public libraries.

Russell Brand on Democracy Now

November 16, 2014

The full interview can be found at Democracy Now.

Wealth of America’s top 0.1% is about to exceed that of bottom 90%

November 12, 2014

We are facing the top 0.1% having as much as the bottom 90%.

inequality 1917

inequality 1917

inequality 1929

inequality 1929

inequality 1933

inequality 1933

inequality 1944

inequality 1944

inequality 1953

inequality 1953

inequality 1964

inequality 1964

inequality 1978

inequality 1978

inequality 1986

inequality 1986

inequality 1999

inequality 1999

inequality 2005

inequality 2005

inequality 2012

inequality 2012

Every generation needs a new Revolution. — Thomas Jefferson

The top 10% having as much as the bottom 90% would be bad enough. The top 1% having as much as as the bottom 90% even worse. We are facing the top 0.1% having as much as the bottom 90%.

The wealth distribution is even more shocking if we compare the top 1% with the bottom 90% (look at the bars at the top of each graph).

Click on each graph to pull it up for closer scrutiny.

If monkeys are treated unfairly, one getting a greater reward than another they get very angry.

If children in a playground, one grabs all the toys, do we stand idly by? No, we intervene, we reprimand the greedy child, we redistribute the toys.

Why then do we stand idly by when the rich are so greedy? Why are there not riots in the streets?

The rich fear riots. More security guards employed in USA than High School teachers. London Mayor Boris has bought German water canon, but not (yet) got the authorisation to deploy.

Can we crowd fund a People’s Water Canon and use to defend the People’s Revolution?

With most things, we are satiated, we know when we have had enough. We eat a meal, we push the plate to one side when we have eaten our fill.

Money is the exception, we are never satiated, the more we have, the more we want.

When the Rachman Benyon Brothers bought the New Era Estate in Hoxton, an estate built in the 1930s to provide affordable housing, their first act was to jack up the rents. Ninety two families are facing eviction, as they will not be able to afford to pay the new rents, more in some cases than their salary.

Austerity is not working, but then it was never intended to work. It was an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts to benefits, closure of public libraries, privatisation of the health service, bedroom tax. It is all part of the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Speaking to the CBI, David Cameron has promised more austerity, more cuts. His clones, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have promised more of the same, whatever the Tories cut, they can cut better.

Only the Green Party are offering a genuine alternative, which is why they are barred from any discussion. Austerity is not inevitable, there are alternatives, but is is edited out of existence by the mainstream political-media establishment.

Where was Ed Miliband when activists occupied Parliament Square in solidarity with activists on the streets of Hong Kong?

The fastest growing party in Spain is Podemos, they have grown out of Occupy, they are grass roots, anti-austerity, unlike the main parties, they are not owned by Big Businesses.

In the US, whoever wins an election, is whoever spends the most money.

Why bother with an election, why not let accountants declare the winner?

And yet, if we look at USA, beyond the midterm elections, at what other measures people voted for, they voted for anti-austerity measures, measures to benefit the environment, measures to benefit people.

When Barack Obama rode into town on a wave of popularity, it was followed by six wasted years. The banks were broke, the car companies were broke. Instead of bailing them out with public money, they should have been broken up, public-controlled companies put in their place, companies that were fulfilling a useful purpose. Instead public money was thrown at them and it was business as usual.

Growth has flat lined for years, real wages have flat lined for years. A magnifying glass is taken out to magnify statistical noise and claim, we have growth. Statistical noise on wages, claimed to be a growth in wages. But who does it include, exclude the bankers, greedy property developers, and average wages are not increasing.

Jobs are increasing, but not well paid, skilled jobs, jobs you can take a pride in. The jobs that are increasing are the part-time, temporary, de-skilled, zero-hours McJobs. Jobs that rob the soul.

We are told we are all in it together.

Are we all in it together when Environment Secretary Eric Pickles spends (or to be correct we spend on his behalf) £500,000 on new limousines in three years?

Eighty five people, the richest on the planet, who could easily fit in a double-decker bus, have as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity.

Public intervention is heretical, the free market must reign, unless it is transferring public money to the banks, then the dogma, public bad private good, the arbitary, set in stone, there is no alternative, can be broken.

And yet we do have rules, we do have public intervention. We have international trade rules, international trade treaties, for example NAFTA, overseen by WTO, which transfers power from the public sector to the private sector, from sovereign governments to global corporations.

Currently TTIP, which will result in a massive transfer of power from sovereign governments to global corporations is being negotiated in secret.

Apart from it being unfair, transference of wealth from the poor to the rich, it is also trashing the planet rendering it uninhabitable.

Which brings me back to my original question, why do we tolerate it, why is there not revolution?

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November 11, 2014

Since publication of Revolution, Russell Brand has been subjected to vicious attacks by the political-media establishment, and every troll has crawled out from under its stone to join the attack.

If nothing else, it shows Russell Brand has hit some home truths with Revolution, and the corrupt elite are worried.

Revolution is proving to be a best seller. Putting ideas into the hands of the unwashed masses will never do. Not when the political-media establishment has done its best to suppress every anti-austerity protest.

The latest from the trolls is to bombard Russell Brand with Parklife.

Pretty moronic, but does one expect anything better from moronic trolls?

Not one to sit ideally by, Russell Brand has struck back with a little video clip featuring himself and Irish group Rubberbandits.

In less than twelve hours, over 370,000 views on youtube.

First they mock you, then they abuse you, then they take you out and put a bullet in your head.

Julie Gower reading an extract from Revolution

November 10, 2014

Singer-songwriter Julie Gower reading an extract from Revolution.

Russell Brand has come under sustained and vicious attack by trolls and the media-political establishment for writing Revolution, which is a strong indication he must have something worthwhile to say.

Even Julie Gower was not exempt. She too came under sustained attack, simply for reading an extract.

Russell Brand Explains How You Start a Revolution

November 7, 2014

A vote is a precious thing, blood was spilled acquiring it. Therefore, if you are going to vote, do not waste it, it is better not to vote than to vote in those not worth voting for, as they then claim they represent you, when we all know they do not.

We no longer have people, we have consumers, worshipping in the Shopping Malls.

Society is not determined by its art, its libraries, its music, it is determined by its buildings.

Cathedrals, palaces, mansions. When we had High Streets with shops in them, markets in the streets, it was banks, buildings that exuded confidence, solidity, longevity. Now it is shopping malls and corporate headquarters,

Thus through our buildings, we know who rules us, who owns us.

What do shopping malls offer? We are told a roof and choice. What is so special about a roof? And what choice, there is no choice, its is the same global corporate crap, churned out from some Third World sweatshop.

And if this is choice, what does it say of the world outside of the shopping mall?

The choice is that of the addict, an escape into oblivion, a temporary fix.

For choice, real choice, visit North Laine in Brighton.

Outside of shopping malls, what do we have. Cesspits like Aldershot and Farnborough, and many other wasted towns. Gambling joints, fast food outlets, charity ships and dead beat zombies wandering the streets.

When not consumers, the people, or what once were the people, are election fodder, fêted for a few days by politicians who think it is their turn to get their snouts in the trough.

We used have divine rule by kings, appointed by God, absolute power.

Now we have as far from charismatic beings as one could imagine, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband (substitute names from your own country), who have never done and honest day’s toil in their life, and they wonder why people do not vote. A choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the names are different but that is all. They are bought by Big Business before we have a say, get to cast a vote. All our vote decides is who gets their snouts in the trough, who gets the chance to act for Big Business.

Democracy? No, we do not have democracy, we have a sham democracy.

When people occupied Parliament Square in solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong, they were beaten back by the police. Parliament Square, Gezi Park, Taksim Square, the names change, the police action the same.

Wealth is accruing to the one percent, the rest are getting poorer. In accruing their wealth, they are not only screwing us, they are trashing the planet, aided and abetted by the corrupt politicians in their pockets.

Russell Brand is author of Revolution. That every troll and media establishment hack is in overdrive to abuse Russell Brand indicates he must have something worthwhile to say.

Keiser Report: Russell Brand talks revolution with Max and Stacy

July 8, 2014

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined in the first half by Russell Brand to talk about the austerity headlines. They chat about the UK government’s expanding debt and growing deficit, despite the alleged austerity and GDP expanding thanks to heroin addiction and prostitution. Russell learns about the water cannons bought for use against anti-austerity protests which the government itself will stoke. Finally, they talk about the people revolting as they must do when the social contract has been broken: and crypto currencies are one of the most visible revolts. In the second half, Max interviews Russell Brand further about his independent media outlet – The Trews; they discuss revolution and spiritual journeys.

If one person has what one person wants, and the other has the money to buy, a financial transaction takes place. Both parties are happy. If we aggregate all such transactions, we get GDP, and it thus follows (as conventional wisdom would have us believe), as GDP rises, we must all be better off. Only it is not so. We could have, as we had with the winter floods, a major catastrophe, the cost of clean up will be reflected in GDP. If we include drug dealing, more heroin addicts, GDP goes up.

Up until the 1950s, 1960s, material wealth rose, sense of well being rose. Post-1960s, material wealth continued to rise but sense of well being did not. We are now seeing a flat-lining of GDP, zero growth, a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Talking to many people, I find dissatisfaction with the political system, a strong distrust of politicians and revolution in the air. Police must be picking up same intelligence, hence the desire for water cannon. But, you do not need water cannon, rubber bullets, riot police, for happy people.

Why did the 50,000 who marched against austerity, occupation of Vodafone, occupation of Boots, somehow slip the attention of the mainstream media? Could it be because it may give people ideas, encourage others?

The revolution has started

November 17, 2011
has the Lord Mayor got the message? - Lewis Whyld

has the Lord Mayor got the message? - Lewis Whyld

The Arab Spring, the Spanish youth movement, now Occupy the World.

The people have spoken and their voice is growing stronger.

Violence will not supress the voice of the people.

It was tried in Tahrir Square. The people resisted, a dictator was toppled.

It was tried in Portland. The people are back.

It was tried in New York. The people are back.

It was tried in Libya. Col Gadhaffi was dragged like a rat out of a drain and a bullet put through hs head.

In Syria Assad has resorted to violence. He has a simple choice, hand himself over to the International Criminal Court or be removed from power with a bullet through the head.

This is not a revoultion of left or right, such terms lack meaning.

It is a revolution on the ground and in cyber space and the people are winning.

This is not people against people, one country pitted against another. It is people united across country, across race, across colour, across ethnicity, across religion.

It is the people pitted against corrupt politicians and their paymasters.

It is the people pitted against those who exploit the poor and marginalised, against those who exploit the earth for their own greed.

We are the revolution
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Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

February 11, 2011

anger on the street

anger on the street

This is a massive insult to the Egyptian people and they are not going to accept it … tomorrow they will be out on the streets in their millions. — Aljazeera

Spending the night in Tahrir. Crowd has lessened since speech. People discussing plans for tomorrow. — Sharif Kouddous

Man tells me: “Mubarak is a military man, rigid. But with the enough pressure he will break”. — Sharif Kouddous

The rumours had been spread, the hated Hosni Mubarak was going. It must be true the BBC had said he was going, the head of the CIA said he was going, his cronies said he was going.

His delayed speech was waited for in silence. But it was not what was expected. He was to remain in power, Yes, some unspecified powers were to be handed to the hated VP Omar Suleiman, but he was not going.

It was as though a switch had been thrown. Carnival atmosphere one moment, anger the next.

The brief speech by the VP Omar Suleiman was an anti-climax in comparison. He told people to go home, to go back to work, to not listen to satellite TV.

What was going on? Why did the head of the army tell the protesters they would get what they want? Why did Mubarak cronies say he was going? Was it a ploy by Mubarak to flush out those who were not loyal to him so they could be eliminated?

Mubarak talked of not jumping to foreign diktats. It is his own people who are telling him to go.

Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman have guaranteed that millions will take to the streets. They have promised to take the Presidential Palace and State TV. Who will stop them?

As of Thursday night, protesters are camped outside the army base in Alexandria. Tahrir Square is packed.

Millions were expected to take to the streets today after midday Friday prayer. Mubarak and Suleiman have simply helped to swell their ranks.

The call is for 20 million people to take to the streets!

Barak Obama has finally shown some backbone. US needs to cut off the flow of military aid. But the corrupt House of Saud has offered to step in and finance the Mubarak regime. Yet one more reason to overthrow the corrupt House of Saud.

What we are seeing is the shaping of a New World Order. No longer are people going to put up with not being listened to. Not only in the Middle East but across the world people are watching with interest.

St Valentine’s Day, the revolution starts in Iran!

As a week ago, we have to hope and pray that Friday does not turn into a bloodbath.

Egypt in revolt
Doctors lawyers actors join anti-Mubarak protest
Defiant Mubarak refuses to resign
Egypt’s Mubarak refuses to quit
Mubarak stays, Egypt erupts in rage
World sceptical of Mubarak’s speech
The shaping of a New World Order

Middle East Peace Process

February 2, 2011
Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance. — Isaiah 19:23-25

Mubarak knew beforehand that his refusal to leave was going to provoke upheaval in Egypt, where innocent/peaceful people are being hurt while I write these lines. His criminal plan is working. Shame on him. Shame on us who can do NOTHING to help the Egyptian people, except complaining here. I feel sad and powerless. — Paulo Coelho

There never was a Middle East Peace Process. There was a peace process imposed from outside to suit US-UK and their client state Israel. Once Mubarak has gone Israel will have no friends in the Middle East. They will be forced to engage in real dialogue with their neighbours, to form a real peace. Hopefully decent Israelis will be heard above the warmongers. Israel will be forced to stop its ethnic cleansing, end its occupation of Palestine, end its Siege of Gaza, allow the displaced back to their homes and land.

Over the last few days we have seen a lot of nonsense come out of Israel, now friendless that their puppet Mubarak is on his way out. We were told of the collapse of human rights, of the rise of Muslim fundamentalism, the loss of democracy. Garbage that was regurgitated by the US mainstream media.

We were told the Arab mindset does not understand democracy, that Islam and democracy were incompatible. The voices from Egypt over the last week and before that from Tunisia have shown this not to be true.

What we are seeing in Egypt is not the flawed and discredited representative democracy that the West tries to impose on the rest of the world, what we are seeing is participatory democracy. People are manning checkpoints, people are cleaning the streets picking up the rubbish, even recycling the rubbish. They are doing it with humour. Want to make a donation to the National Democratic Party? And in goes the trash.

Today we have seen violent thugs take to the streets of Egypt. This was not spontaneous, it had to be organised by the regime. For a week the protesters have engaged in peaceful protest. The only violence was from the regime. We are seeing a dying regime lashing out in its death throes. Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

The Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs were bussed in. Those captured had police ID cards. They had identical placards. The Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs were seeking out Al Jazeera journalists to attack. A CNN reporter was punched and beaten.

On state TV, pro-Mubarak scum gushed how they loved Mubarak. Off camera hand held out for promised pay off.

To stop further violence and bloodshed, Western leaders with one voice, have to privately and publicly tell Mubarak to go. They say they wish to see democracy and reform in the Middle East. Well show it by helping the people of the Middle East overthrow their repressive regimes. Let us see you back the people on the street who are are calling for freedom, dignity and democracy.

US-UK have followed the standard script. Back a dictator to the bitter end. When this position becomes untenable, throw to the wolves and quickly find a new puppet to take their place.

Across the Arab world, the people have to get off their knees and shed their chains and overthrow their repressive regimes.

In Jordan and Morocco there has to be real reform, not a reshuffling of the same corrupt deck of cards. People have to have jobs based on skill and merit, not because of who they know, not because they pay a bribe.

People of Iraq have to follow the example of their Egyptian brothers where Muslim and Christian, men and women, rich and poor, lawyer and peasant, are working together for peaceful change. They are not using violence, they are not killing people, they are not setting off bombs.

What a different place Iraq would be today if regime change had been brought about peacefully by the Iraqi people, not imposed by the illegal war waged by US-UK, led by war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair. So-called Christians waging a Crusade that has led to the killing of Christians in Iraq and secetarian violence.

You could not make this one up. War criminal Tony Blair backs Mubarak!

There are some who see what is happening in Egypt in Biblical terms, and specifically refer to Isaiah 19. I do not. I do not see the Bibical disaster of Isaiah being heaped on Egypt. Far from it. I see hope. I see hope that flickered into life in Tunsisia and led to the Jasmine Revolution and Ben Ali fleeing Tunisia like a rat up a drainpipe and hopefully followed soon by Mubarak hard on his heals. [see Crisis of Hope]

Comparisons have been made with Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is one big difference. Barack Obama is no Mikhail Gorbachev.

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