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Dinner at Restaurant Plaka

May 13, 2019

Vegetable soup.

Followed by moussaka with an added side dish of salad.

Followed by a glass of red wine.

The moussaka was excellent.

I then visited nearby ice cream parlour.

Moussaka at Restaurant Plaka

October 16, 2018

Excellent moussaka at Restaurant Plaka in the heart of Plaka.

For starters vegetable soup.

Red wine to accompany the moussaka.

The best moussaka I have ever had.

I never look at the menu. I go to the kitchen and ask what they have.

I thought it would be too cold to sit outside, but no, pleasantly cool. But by eleven turning cold and cold walking through Plaka half past eleven.

Open air theatre had a film starting 22-15. Maybe tomorrow.

Plate of chips at Restaurant Plaka

November 18, 2015
Restaurant Plaka 20

Restaurant Plaka

I had left my main dish at Avocado, I was hungry.

Restaurant Plaka was in the direction in which I was heading,  a quick plate of chips, a piece of bread, and a bottle of beer.

When they brought the plate of chips and bread, I was told ‘on the house’, I assumed the bread. It pleasant surprise therefore when only charged for the beer.

For dessert, ice cream from Coco’s ice cream, then on to The Acropolis Museum.

Dinner at Restaurant Plaka

October 19, 2015

Vegetable soup excellent. Served piping hot. Delicious.

Contrast with soup at Liopetro a few nighst ago. Not very good and served look warm.

Pork souvlaki was good. Not as good as Strofi, but still good.

My main gripe, where was the salad, or at least vegetables. I was told served with salad.

At 11.80 euros, two euros dearer than the restaurant on the corner at the end of the street. Why the difference? I assumed because of the non-existent salad. Maybe becuase live music.

Live music was dire. At least it was. The more beer they consumed, the better the music. Late night, when almost empty, the music changed and was much better.

For dessert, I went in search of ice cream.

Located in Plaka.

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