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The Ordeal

January 20, 2013
The Ordeal - Stewart Warwick

The Ordeal – Stewart Warwick

I first came across The Ordeal by Stuart Warwick in Resident Records in Brighton.

Resident Records is a great indie record shop in Brighton.

My first encounter with Resident was on hearing Undisciplined Art by Jacob’s Stories in Brighton Books (next door to Iydea, a great place to eat and watch the world go by). I asked what it was, and was told pop down to Resident.

I could not find what I was looking for and asked. They went straight to the shelves and picked it out.

I ran off copies for friends. They liked, and asked would I pick them up copies next time I was in Brighton.

I called Resident and did a deal with the owner. Next time I was in Brighton I picked up half a dozen copies of Undisciplined Art, most of which I gave away as gifts.

A wonderful gift. Not only excellent music, but very unusual. A black CD made to look like vinyl (even had grooves), limited edition with a handmade cover woven from grass, and a limited edition art work (each one unique).

Next time I was in Resident, I asked anything else by this artist? I was told no, but expect a new release by this artist soon. I was talking to the owner Natasha and she said I would like Part II EPs by Mechanical Bride.

I trusted her judgement. It was great.

On a later trip to Brighton, I picked up The Ordeal, the release that followed Undisciplined Art.

Stuart Warwick is based in Brighton.

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