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Jeremy Corbyn at The Cenotaph

November 9, 2015
In memory of the fallen in all wars. Let us resolve to create a world of peace.  -- Jeremy Corbyn

In memory of the fallen in all wars. Let us resolve to create a world of peace. — Jeremy Corbyn

In September Jeremy Corbyn got a lot of stick for not singing the National Anthem at an event to mark the Battle of Britain.

Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday, when we mark the fallen of World War One and all conflicts, a minute of silence at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month, only it is customary to mark on the nearest Sunday.

Sadly of late it has degenerated into warmongering and poppy Fascism.

Tradition is that party leaders lay a wreath of red poppies.

Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath. What possibly could go wrong? He wore a black suit, he wore a red poppy (he could have worn a white poppy symbolising peace), he sang the National Anthem with gusto. All well and good. So what did he do wrong? Apparently he did not bow or grovel sufficiently or in the appropriate manner. He gave a slight nod of respect.

The mass media went into hysterical overdrive. Typical, though by no means the worst, was coverage in The Guardian. And yet what were they drawing upon? Tweets from rabid trolls. Is this what now constitutes news reporting, weaving a non-story around the rants of rabid trolls?

What was obscene, was the presence of war criminal Tony Blair, a man whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent victims of his illegal wars, whose money is tainted with the blood of the people he deals with, no atrocity is too much for greedy grasping Blair to stomach. His latest client is al-Sisi, Fascist brutal dictator of Egypt.

Jeremy Corbyn chatting to veterans

Jeremy Corbyn chatting to veterans

After the ceremony, a no-expense-spared VIP dinner. Contrast that with the half-starved, gassed soldiers dying in the trenches.

Jeremy Corby did not attend. He stayed behind and chatted with some of the veterans of past campaigns who were at the ceremony.

Later he attended a ceremony in Islington, where he read a war poem by Wilfred Owen.

Jeremy Corbyn is not he only one being smeared by the mass media

When Charlotte Church and Russell Brand joined anti-austerity protests, they were smeared by The Sun and Daily Mail. Charlotte Church has had the gutter hacks who work for the Daily Mail sniffing around her neighbours, trying to dig up dirt on her and her children. Russell Brand hit back, exposed the tax dodging activities of Murdoch (owner of The Sun and The Times) and of Lord Rothermere (owner of the Daily Mail).

Peter Oborne was chief political commentator of The Telegraph. Heresigned in disgust at the lies and half truths peddled by The Telegraph (owned by the tax-dodging Barclay Brothers).

As soon as Jeremy Corbyn put his name in the hat for Labour Party Leader, the smear campaign began, and has hotted up since becoming party leader. We have seen writer of pretentious crap Martin Amis writing Jeremy Corbyn lacks the intellectual ability to be party leader. Garbage in The Telegraph that every ill under the sun can be put at the door of Jeremy Corbyn (which has spectacularly backfired on The Telegraph).

Former Greek Yanis Varoufakis in conversation with Paul Mason, spoke of six months of vilification in Greece whilst finance minister. As if on cue, he was then smeared in The Times and Telegraph, claiming he was profiteering from the Greek criss and that  he single-handed had caused the crisis. Unlike of course Tony Blair who has made a career out of profiting from the Iraq war.

Where people should be focussing their attention and asking questions, is on the people behind the mass Media, Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, Sky, The Times, The Sun), Porn Baron Dirty Des (Express), Lord Rothermere (Daily Mail), Barclay Brothers (The Telegraph).

The attacks though are not the media unaided, Labour establishment are happily climbing atop the soap box provided by the media to attack Jeremy Corbyn. Nor are the attacks restricted to Jeremy Corbyn, his office staff are now fair game.

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