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Redber Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre

June 21, 2019

Redber purveyors of crap coffee have opened a coffee shop in the Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre.

A weird set up, in front of a shop unit not within, a coffee roastery and yet no coffee beans on sale.

The girl, I hesitate to say working as was too busy chatting to a female security guard to notice a potential customer, who after several minutes walked away.

Not a pleasant location, an empty shopping centre, zilch atmosphere, stuffy no fresh air, loud music, and that’s even before we get to the crap coffee.

And why even bother opening when Krema serving excellent coffee outside in Tunsgate?

Redber coffee tasting at Steamer Trading

July 22, 2018

I avoid town centres on a weekend. On Saturday Guildford was packed.

The only reason I was in Guildford, coffee tasting at Steamer Trading, a kitchenware shop.  Coffee provided by Redber, a local coffee roastery.

The choice on offer of coffee beans seriously over roasted, dark black and oily, a dark roast and a medium roast.

A cappuccino was made in an automated expensive domestic espresso machine. Price well over a thousand pounds. Pour the beans in the top, the machine will automatically tamp the ground beans, extract, even has a wand for steaming the milk.

The result looked disgusting, tasted disgusting, an unpleasant bitter coffee.

These machines are a  complete waste of money. If you want an espresso, flat white or cappuccino, go to an indie coffee shop where they serve speciality coffee, have the gear in which to make it, and employ skilled baristas.

And do not part money for a Nespresso machine, expensive low quality coffee, the pods bad for the environment.

If wish to see how bad Nespresso, take a Nespresso off the stall in Tunsgate Quarter, I am assuming free, do not part with money, then visit Krema in Tunsgate and try a cappuccino.

As I walked in I noticed rCup on sale. Not recommended, not barista friendly.

I am not sure what was the purpose of the coffee tasting. Was it to showcase the coffee or the machine? It was a dismal failure either way.  And if to bring people in, also a failure as I was the only one taking an interest.