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Cappuccino at CUP Reading Minster

November 26, 2018

CUP hidden behind Reading Minster is worth finding as always excellent coffee in a pleasant environment.

Today, a cold wintry afternoon in Reading was no exception, an excellent cappuccino.

V60 CUP Reading Minster

November 13, 2018

Last week I looked in CUP behind Reading Minster to inquire of their second coffee shop.

Far better atmosphere in the original CUP, than CUP opposite Reading Town Hall, which functions to serve takeaway coffee to commuters.

I order a V60. I let as I always do the barista choose. He chooses coffee from Kenya. Other barista says drink, it will be getting cool. I explain it improves as it cools, but not good when cold.

Talking to the Italian barista, an Italian who can make coffee, rare indeed, he tells me of the Greek who won the World Championships in Brazil (actually No 2 for latte art). I ask the name. Michalis Karagiannis. I say I know him, the barista at Manor House in Athens, I was with him a couple of weeks ago and he made me a cappuccino.

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