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Rainy afternoon in Peristeri

December 2, 2019

Four weeks ago Tuesday, a rainy afternoon in Peristeri.

Heavy rain during the night, a day of sunshine and heavy rain, a day for the Metro and coffee shops.

Peristeri, head north on the Red Line, one stop short of the last stop.

I took the wrong exit out of the Metro station, at first disorientated.

At least nine roads lead out of the square and then immediately divide. All very confusing.

I head to Mind the Cup.

An interesting street lined with bars, restaurants, coffee shops and a few shops.

As a few days ago, once in Mind the Cup it pours, though not as heavy as the week before when the streets awash with water.

I am in luck, I find who I am looking for before she finishes her shift. She greets me as soon as I walk in and thanks me for the coffee I dropped off for her.

She makes me a cappuccino. I would have picked up a bag of coffee, she is the coffee roaster, but do not like to carry coffee when it is raining.

After a little wander down the street, I head to Manor House opposite.

On my last visit, Manor House sourced their coffee from Tarreso but did tell me they hoped to roast their own coffee.

Now they are roasting their own coffee.

I am made a cappuccino.

Then head to Peristeri Metro Station. Luckily not raining.

Alight at Acropoli Metro Station.

Night, ate out in Plaka.

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