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It could not happen to a better person … Katie Hopkins

January 31, 2020

Katie Hopkins is flown to Prague to receive an award.

In her acceptance speech she tells us what she really thinks.

Katie Hopkins so toxic, dropped by Daily Mail, banned from twitter.

The same should happen to racist troll failed hack Piers Moron.

Different attitudes to ‘stealing’ a bike

April 20, 2014

A white guy, a black guy, a stunning blonde, each try to ‘steal’ a bike.

To the white guy passers by are indifferent.

To the black guy, he is is questioned.

To the stunning blonde, men fall over backwards to help her ‘steal’ the bike.

Attitudes in England would be different. A white guy looking like a yob, would attract as much suspicion as the black guy.

Video quality is poor.

Hannah Barrett

November 26, 2013
Hannah Barrett

Hannah Barrett

Hannah Barrett, an amazing blues and soul singer. When she sings she puts her heart and soul into what she is singing. An incredible voice for a girl only 17-years-old.

A girl with talent, someone who had no need to degrade herself by appearing on X-Factor.

People are sold a lie, that it is all about success, a record label.

It is not, it is about performing the music you enjoy, slowly slowly getting known, spreading by word of mouth.

The chance of what is called success is a lottery, with about as much chance of success, as winning the lottery.

The best thing Hannah Barrett could do, is get some recording time, crowd source if need be, then release an album on bandcamp.

But she has already probably been tied up in knots, signed papers she did not understand, a condition of degrading herself on X-Factor.

Music is not X-Factor, a tacky contest between winners and losers. Music is putting your heart and soul into something you love doing. Music is creating something that others love listening to. Hannah Barrett is pretty good at both.

Hannah Barrett has been subjected to racist abuse on twitter, told she is ugly, cannot be a singer if she is black.

Trolls on twitter, block and report for abuse, never reply or engage. I hope as well she has handed a dossier to the police.

Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Tina Turner ….

Top Story in The Musical Express (Wednesday 27 November 2013).

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