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A Kangaroo’s Tale

March 13, 2012
kangaroo - Ken Crane

kangaroo - Ken Crane

This is a simple story with a very powerful lesson. Always remember the affect your words have on others. Your encouraging words have the potential to lift someone up and help them in achieving great things. Whilst, your negative words can cause deep hurt. Don’t let your words be the reason that someone is discouraged to continue trying to achieve their dream.

This is a very old traditional tale that my grandmother would tell my sisters and I and I have adapted it –

— Love Priya

Two young kangaroos were playing in the forest when they fell into a very deep pit. They tried to jump out but couldn’t jump high enough to get out of the hole.

Meanwhile, a big group of kangaroos started gathering above the pit – the pit was very deep and the gathered onlookers shouted to the two young kangaroos that it was impossible for them to get out. The older one of the two kangaroos heard the disheartening words of the spectators and after a while gave up and fell asleep, whilst the younger kept jumping and trying harder.

It started getting dark in the forest and the group started shouting louder to the younger kangaroo to give up and stop as they believed there was no hope, but the young kangaroo was determined and he continued jumping even harder.

Finally, he managed to jump out of the hole – the spectators were shocked and asked the kangaroo, “When we had told you so many times that it was impossible to get out, what was the reason that you tried even harder?”

The kangaroo was shocked because he had not heard their discouraging shouts from the hole as he was partially deaf. As he couldn’t hear anything in the pit he thought they were all gathered there to cheer him on, encouraging him to jump out. He told them, “looking at all of you standing there cheering me gave me the strength to succeed in my mission of getting out of the pit.”

Posted by Priya Sher on here blog. Reposted by Paulo Coelho.

How many remember the WWII poster, Careless Talk Costs Lives? Or in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a few words leak through to another universe and start an inter-galactic war?

The Angel on Earth

April 3, 2011

In heaven there was a child ready to be born. One day the child asked God, “They tell me you are going to send me to earth tomorrow but I am very scared, how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?” God replied, “Among the many angels we have, I have chosen one for you. She will be waiting for you and will take care of you when you arrive on earth.”

The child said, “dear God, here in Heaven I don’t do anything else but sing and smile. That’s all I need to make me happy!” God replied, “Your angel will sing for you every day. And you will feel your angel’s love and be happy.”

“But”, said the child, “How am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me, if I don’t know the language that humans speak?” “Don’t worry”, God said, “Your angel with love and patience will teach you how to speak.” The child looked up at God saying, “And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?” God smiled at the child saying, “Your angel will teach you how to pray.”

The child said, “I’ve heard on earth there are bad people. Who will protect me?” God replied, “Your angel will defend you, even if it means risking her life!” The child looked sad, saying, “But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.” God replied, “Your angel will always talk to you about me, even though I will always be next to you.”

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from earth could already be heard.
Just before leaving the child asked softly, “Oh God, if I am about to leave now please tell me my angel’s name!” God replied, Your angel’s name is of no importance, you will simply call her Mother…….

This a traditional tale that was told to me by my beautiful grandmother – I would like to dedicate this story to all the mothers whose unconditional love is an inspiration.

— Priya Sher

Thank you Priya for this lovely tale for Mother’s Day.

When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking

Appointment in Bokhara

February 6, 2011
The Grand Bazaar (1859) - Frederick-Goodall (1822-1904)

The Grand Bazaar (1859) - Frederick-Goodall (1822-1904)

A merchant asked his servant to go to the market to buy some pieces of cloth.

Upon reaching the market, the servant saw his own Death shopping at the store near him.

Terrified, he ran back to the merchant’s house.

“I have to leave now, “he said, almost crying. “I saw my death this morning in the market, and I have to escape. I will go to Bokhara, my village, to spend the weekend there. ”

The merchant accepts the plea of the servant, but is wary. He decides to go to the market, where he finds the Death of the servant.

“Wow, you frightened my employee,” said the merchant.

“He also frightened me ” replied Death. “I never expected to find him around here as I have an appointment with him in Bokhara. ”

Posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog. Taken from a short story by John O’Hara, translated by Priya Sher.

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Healing mentally ill patients with feng shui

October 25, 2010
flower petals

flower petals

One of the reasons I love my job is that I am able to help people.

A while ago, I did a consultation for a Care Home for the Mentally ill. When I was performing my consultation I met some of the patients, some were a little aggressive, some blank and some in a completely different world. I felt very sad for them and had this real desire to make them all well. I spent almost the whole day at the Care Home, doing my readings, calculations assessing the form etc. I did not want to leave till I was sure that I would be able to make a difference.

The Care Home looked after about 70 patients. They had huge gardens but the gardens were in a terrible way, the grass was overgrown and the paving all broken. When I looked at the bedrooms they were all very bright yang clashing colours, for example; red and black, blue and pink, yellow and purple etc. I asked the Director of the Care Home why she had selected these colours and she told me since many of these patients were long term they had selected their own bedroom colours. Well this made complete sense to me, colours such as these can make a normal person unbalanced and unfocused and these patients were already of that mindset so the colours they selected reflected their minds.

I made all the necessary feng shui changes. I selected calm serene colours that would settle their minds instead of aggravating them. I focused on the gardens and created the most beautiful zen garden with a gazebo and a calm peaceful water-feature.

I was so impressed with the transformation when I went to view the Care Home a month after when all the changes had been made. The Director was very happy and told me there was a serious reduction in the amount of violent incidents and that the patients had taken very well to the renovations especially the garden.

However, about six weeks after my visit I got another call from the Director, this time she was very stressed. She told me that many of the patients had now got well and had left and she was now losing money since to get new patients was not that easy since the competition was very tough from neighbouring Care Homes. I pacified her and told her how amazing this really was, the feng shui was working beautifully. I told her she would not go unrewarded since now the patients were getting better the reputation of her Care Home would get even better and more people would send their loved ones there so that they could recover. Well as I had said to her it came true. Now she is very busy making lots of money but much more importantly the patients are actually recovering and going back to their families.

For me a result like this is worth more than any money in the world!

From the blog of my friend Priya Sher.

The perfect heart

October 7, 2010
two old men playing chess

two old men playing chess

A young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was not a mark or a flaw in it.

But an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said, “Your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine.”

The crowd and the young man looked at the old man’s heart. It was beating strongly but full of scars. It had places where pieces had been removed and other pieces put in … but they didn’t fit quite right and there were several jagged edges. The young man looked at the old man’s heart and laughed.

“You must be joking,” he said. “Compare your heart with mine … mine is perfect and yours is a mess of scars and tears.”

” “Yes,” said the old man, “Yours is perfect looking … but I would never trade with you. You see, every scar represents a person to whom I have given my love….. I tear out a piece of my heart and give it to them … and often they give me a piece of their heart which fits into the empty place in my heart but because the pieces aren’t exact, I have some rough edges.

“ Sometimes I have given pieces of my heart away … and the other person hasn’t returned a piece of his heart to me. These are the empty gouges … giving love is taking a chance. Although these gouges are painful, they stay open, reminding me of the love I have for these people too … and I hope someday they may return and fill the space I have waiting. So now do you see what true beauty is?”

The young man stood silently with tears running down his cheeks. He walked up to the old man, reached into his perfect young and beautiful heart, and ripped a piece out. He offered it to the old man.

The old man took his offering, placed it in his heart and then took a piece from his old scarred heart and placed it in the wound in the young man’s heart.

It fit …. but not perfectly, as there were some jagged edges.
The young man looked at his heart, not perfect anymore but more beautiful than ever, since lovefrom the old man’s heart flowed into his.

Contributed by Priya Sher and posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

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A Saint in the Wrong Place

August 7, 2010

‘Why is it that some people can resolve the most complicated problems really easily, whilst others agonize over every tiny crisis and end up drowning in a glass of water?’ I asked.

Ramesh replied by telling the following story: ‘Once upon a time, there was a man who had been the soul of kindness all his life. When he died, everyone assumed that he would go straight to Heaven, for the only possible place for a good man like him was Paradise. The man wasn’t particularly bothered about going to Heaven, but that was where he went.

Now in those days, service in heaven was not all that it might be. The reception desk was extremely inefficient, and the girl who received him gave only a cursory glance through the index cards before her and when she couldn’t find the man’s name, she sent him straight to Hell. And in Hell no one asks to check your badge or your invitation, for anyone who turns up is invited in. The man entered and stayed.

Some days later, Lucifer stormed up to the gates of Heaven to demand an explanation from St Peter. “What you’re doing is pure terrorism!” he said. St Peter asked why Lucifer was so angry, and an enraged Lucifer replied: “You sent that man down into Hell, and he’s completely undermining me! Right from the start, there he was listening to people, looking them in the eye, talking to them. And now everyone’s sharing their feelings and hugging and kissing. That’s not the sort of thing I want in Hell! Please, let him into Heaven!’

When Ramesh had finished telling the story, he looked at me fondly and said: ‘Live your life with so much love in your heart that if, by mistake, you were sent to Hell, the Devil himself would deliver you up to Paradise.’

— By Paulo Coelho

This is a beautiful story that I found on the blog of Paulo Coelho, and re-posted by Priya Sher. It is simple but makes a powerful point, which leaves a lasting impression. We hope you enjoy it too.