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Transition Free Press

December 2, 2013
Transition Free Press - Winter 2013

Transition Free Press – Winter 2013

Who other than a madman would launch a new newspaper?

Who in not only today’s economic climate but in the climate for newsprint, when newspapers are losing money, would launch a new newspaper?

Local and national newspapers are losing money.

A downward spiral, less news, less frequent, less reason to buy, shrinking income, fewer resources for news gathering and quality journalism.

It is into this climate Transition Free Press has been launched. A real newspaper, real newsprint, not a digital newspaper, like the recently launched Guardian Australia.

Transition Free Press was launched this year as an experiment, a toe in the water, a pilot of four quarterly issues.

Transition Free Press has proved to at least be sustainable. Whether it will continue into 2014 will depend upon securing funding.

I came across Transition Free Press in The Barn in Farnham, one of their fifty plus distribution hubs.

Why print and distribute a newspaper, with all the risks involved? Why not be like the Huffington Post or Guardian Australia, on-line only?

A newspaper is shareable, and yes, on-line is shareable too. Indeed, I would go further, when you find something interesting on-line, be it Transition Free Press, this article, music, then please share, tweet, re-tweet, recommend.

Transition Free Press is quarterly, it is not transient like a daily newspaper, it contains useful information, thus more likely to be valued, kept for future reference.

So what is in it?

Articles on self-sufficiency, local communities, alternative energy, local economies, carbon reduction, protest, local currencies, sustainability, art, music.

The very first issue, what could be called a pilot for the pilot, came out last year to test the feasibility.

I have read Transition Free Press whilst in The Barn, and have been suitably impressed. At the weekend I found the latest edition, hot off the press.

The front page of the current winter 2013 edition, out now, has a front page lead story on protest. Taking the lead from comments on not voting and the need for revolution from Russell Brand, communities are taking the lead.

Activists staged a mass work out at COP19 Climate Talks in Poland last month. The talks had been hijacked by Big Coal, Big Oil, and other big carbon emitters and polluters. The point the activists made with an impromptu press conference outside the talks, was that we can no longer trust politicians, if we want change, we have to take action ourselves.

That is what Transition Heathrow did, they squatted derelict nursery gardens and brought them back into productive use, ran workshops. Even the local police reported they had a positive impact on the local community, with reductions in low level crime.

With the collapse of the Co-op Bank, and the unfolding scandal, whereto ethical banking, and was it so ethical at the Co-op Bank?

Payday loan sharks, are not only screwing those they have got their teeth into, they are draining money out of our poorest communities, communities that should be plugging the leaks and recycling money within the local economy.

An evaluation inspired by the Reconomy Project of the potential to ‘relocalise’ Lambeth’s economy … switching just 10% of the borough’s supermarket food spend to local retailers would release £37 million (and “money spent in independent local businesses can create 2-4 more times as much real value as money spent in chains”), and retrofitting housing stock with solid wall insulation could payback in 15 years and generate £100 million of local employment.

And yet, we see the opposite. The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, has been practising ethnic cleansing of local businesses in Farnborough and Aldershot. Squandering £1 million on repaving Queensmead will not attract people to Farnborough, any more than wasting £15,000 on a free wifi scam, a scam that will collect personal data, in order that locals can be bombarded with spam e-mail and spam sms text messages. Neither will demolishing the c 1720s Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. The local economy will only benefit, when there are local shops and businesses to spend money in, local shops and businesses which then recycle money within the local economy.

The ConDem government, under pressure from the Big Six energy suppliers, are poised to axe or reduce the green and social levies on the Big Six, to reduce their commitment on green measures such as house insulation. Even if these levies were halved, at only 10% of the average bill, it would only see a reduction of 5%. On the other hand, if only 10% was knocked off the 90% of the bill the Big Six are responsible for, this would lead to a 9% cut in bills. The poor will save money if they use less fuel, they will use less fuel, we will all use less fuel, if our homes are better insulated. If we use less carbon-based fuel, we emit less greenhouse gases.

Money paid to the Big Six on fuel bills, is money drained straight out of the local economy. If we insulate, not only do we cut our fuel bills, reduce our greenhouse emission, that is money that is retained within the local economy, money, which if spent with local businesses, is money recycled within the local economy.

Transition Free Press is produced by a not-for-profit collective and supported, although not financed by, the Transition Network. You can help back the paper by signing up for an annual subscription, minimum £15 per year, though you can pay more if you wish.

You can also help, not only by buying a copy from a distribution hub, but chatting to your local indie coffee bar and similar local businesses, and suggesting they too become a distribution hub. It helps them, as they can bulk buy at a discount,and it helps them by bringing people into their coffee bar.

In a coffee bar, having a copy to read, or a pile on display helps. That is how I came across Transition Free Press in The Barn.

If there is not a distribution hub near you, you can find Transition Free Press on-line.

An edited version of a longer article published on Medium.

Who controls the message? – Noam Chomsky

December 1, 2012

Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky

December 1, 2012

In a totalitarian state you force people to do what you want through fear. This is not possible in a democracy. In a democracy you manufacture consent through necessary illusions for the elite, the top 20%. The bottom 80% obey orders. The bottom 80% dull their minds, feed them rubbish, the last thing you want is for them to think.

The corporate controlled owned and controlled media are the agenda setters. They filter what we are allowed to see, and that is our perception of reality.

In 1968 we carpet-bombed North Vietnam, then the surrounding countries. Today we us drones to bomb Pakistan and Afghanistan. The delivery mechanism may have changed, not much else has changed.

News Corp shares go down the toilet

July 13, 2011
news corp down the toilet

news corp down the toilet

News Corp shares are in a free fall.

Murdoch plans to buy back News Corp shares in a desperate attempt to stop them going into free fall.

Shareholders fear massive claim for damages following News of the World phone hacking scandal, and further scandals that are rocking the Murdoch Empire on a daily basis.

Questions are now being asked in US and Asutralia about Murdoch.

It is highly unlikely that Murdoch will be allowed to buy BSkyB, which has forced News Corp to withdraw its bid.

Where now without the BSkyB cash cow? BSkyB shares have fallen by 20%!

News Corp withdraws bid for BSkyB
Church of England investment in News Corp
Good riddance News of the World
News of the World sinks to new low

Good riddance News of the World

July 8, 2011
Murdoch answers critics

Murdoch answers critics

Ofcom ‘has duty to be satisfied on on-going basis that any person holding broadcasting licence remains fit & proper to hold such licence’ — John Prescott

The News of the World meltdown is progressing from “shit hits fan” toward “running Rolls Royce jet turbine lands in sewage works”. — Mitch Benn

Excellent news that News of the World is to close. A cause for celebration, but do not pop the champagne corks just yet.

Unbelievable, people power brings down the News of the World in less than a week. Murdoch must be hurting.

Well done everyone. Well done too the Guardian that landed the first blow and the Evening Standard, Independent and Telegraph for landing the follow up blows.

But do not celebrate too soon. We have won the first skirmish, we have a war to win.

Inside News International there are two secret projects: Project X, cut costs by 50%. Project Y, move to a seven-day-a-week newspaper.

A couple of days before James Murdoch with Rebekah Wade in tow, accompanied by security guards, told staff at the News of the World it was being closed, two web addresses were registered for The Sun on Sunday.

It is goodbye News of the World, hello Sun on Sunday.

We were told it was one rogue reporter, now we are told it was one rogue newspaper.

No, it is a rotten toxic organisation that has had a corrosive influence on British culture and politics.

We have gutless, spineless politicians who fight over who can brown-nose Murdoch.

Endorsement now or association with Murdoch would be the kiss of death.

Why is Rebekah Wade still there?

Today Andy Coulson, former NotW editor, was arrested for phone hacking and corruption. If he knew and authorised what was going on why not Rebekah Wade? And she has already admitted to a Select Committee of payment to police.

James Murdoch has said Rebekah Wade has high ethical standards. George Orwell would be proud.

Over £130,000 in bribes has been paid. And no one knew?

James Murdoch signed off massive sums in hush money to keep victims of NotW phone hacking quiet, but he claims he did not know what the money was for?

David Cameron showed appalling lack of judgement in employing Andy Coulson. Did Coulson employ NotW techniques when working from 10 Downing Street? Was Coulson not subjected to positive vetting?

John Prescott is one of many who warned Cameron re Coulson.

It is sickening hearing NotW hacks saying what a marvelous newspaper News of the World was. Have they no shame or integrity? Still they can now enjoy a life of luxury on the Dole as they are wont to tell us Benefit Cheats and Welfare Scroungers enjoy. If they had any integrity left they would put out a Not the News of the World exposing what has been going on at News International.

Plod of the Yard in his investigation of the phone hacking left no stone unturned. He could have tripped over a stone and fallen into a quarry and denied it was there.

Two companies refused to pull NotW advertising, Vodafone and Tesco. Like Murdoch, serious tax dodgers.

Murdoch is not a fit and proper person to own and control media in the UK. He should not be allowed to own and control BSkyB.

If Murdoch thinks he has silenced his critics and the matter is over he is wrong. The baying dogs have tasted blood. They will not now be satisfied until they have gone in for the kill.

Not one to miss a trick, British Gas has used a bad news day to bury their massive hike in gas prices.

News of the World sinks to new low
BSkyB takeover plan receives flurry of late submissions
Phone hacking probe: Ex-News of the World editor Coulson arrested
Rusbridger: ‘I warned David Cameron over Coulson link’
Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive
Sun on Sunday set for launch following NOTW closure
End of the World: James Murdoch announces News of the World will close this Sunday

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