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Friday 13th Pepsi Trump Horror Show

December 13, 2019

The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them. — Turkish proverb

Thursday night exit polls showed a massive swing to the Nasty Party. As the results poured in, exit poll confirmed.  I turned off the coverage, it was too depressing.

A nightmare.

A decade of the Nasty Party — zero hours employment, pay less than living wage, poverty, mass closure of libraries, food banks, serfs working for apps, human robots in Amazon warehouses, class warfare, mass transfer of wealth to the rich, tax dodging on an industrial scale, austerity, neo-liberalism, shock doctrine, NHS on point of collapse, disintegration rail infrastructure.

Labour offered a radical progressive future, a green new deal.

But hey what the fuck, let’s vote for Pepsi Trump.

What went wrong? Why did people on the doorstep say No Jeremy Corbyn.


Wherever Jeremy Cobyn went, he was greeted to rapturous applause, he related to people, in debates he was calm and measured, had good grasp of the issues.

The problem therefore was not Jeremy Corbyn. The problem was the perception of Jeremy Corbyn.

We had the most vicious smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. And it was not only the usual suspects, Murdoch and The Scum. It was fake-Left Guardian, too often the originators of the smears.

Then we had back bench MPs who thought they had a sinecure for life, wanted to back to the good old days of corrupt Labour, who spent their time sabotaging Labour, aided and abetted by the media, especially BBC News and fake-Left Guardian only too willing to grant them a soapbox.

Again we have to ask why?

Those in poser were scared shitless of radical change. The Deep State was under threat.

Had Labour a leader who would tinkle at the edges, policies that were businesses as usual, the choice of Tweedledum or Tweedledee but no real change, they would have been happy.

Therein lies the dilemma. Labour must not lose sight of the prize, dealing with tax dodgers, bringing in a fairer society, a green new deal.

In the meantime, take to the streets, direct action, form the resistance.

To those who say it was democracy, I suggest visit an exhibition in Berlin at the foot of the Berlin Wall which drawing upon Nazi archives shows how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power. Adolf Hitler was elected.

In Hungary and Poland, Fascists have been elected. They are shutting down a free press, destroying the judiciary.

When Pepsi Trump failed to attend the Channel 4 Climate Debate and in his place a block of melting ice, unnamed Tory sources threatened to remove the broadcast licence of Channel 4.

We have had Laura Kaunsberg and Robert Peston act and still acting as Pepsi Trump propagandists, drip drip drip of propaganda from unnamed sources. If not on record then do not regurgitate as news. Otherwise being played like a fiddle.

What of the climate?

Five more years of no action on climate. We have seen COP25 collapse with no firm commitment to cut carbon emissions by the levels required, zero carbon by 2030. The climate will not wait, the planet burns whilst corrupt politicians fiddle. What we can guarantee is cataclysmic chaos, brought about by climate change and the rapid deep cuts in carbon emissions that will have to be made.

The longer we leave action, the greater the impact, the deeper the cuts will have to be. How much more flooding, when do we act, do we wait until London is flooded?

I fear for this country. I also feel ashamed.

I know how they felt in US when Donald Trump was elected.

This article has been expanded on Medium under the same title Friday 13th Pepsi Trump Horror Show.

Milibrand: The Interview

April 29, 2015

Front page of the Daily Mail and The Sun this morning, smears of Russell Brand and Ed Miliband, inside more pages.

The cause of this muckraking from the gutter, was an interview Russell Brand of Ed Miliband for The Trews.

One could have been forgiven for thinking, the interview had been broadcast, had you not known better.

It had not, all that had been released was the trailer.

Such is the gutter technique of these two hate rags.

Why the hate?

Russell Brand has repeatedly exposed the tactics, the tax dodging of Murdoch with The Sun and Lord Rothermere with the Daily Mail.

Facts? Who needs facts when you can make it up, and the gullible brain-dead readers can be relied upon to regurgitate as facts.

I experienced this today, when having a drink with a friend. A moron on a neighbouring table got all excited about fracking (a wonderful idea), did not like SNP, who he claimed was in favour of fracking (they are not), that they were taking over in England (it was pointed out they were only standing in Scotland), but his coup de grâce, was to tell us that at this very moment, Alex Salmond was writing the Labour Party manifesto. When asked did he have an original thought of his own in his head, rather than regurgitate from mainstream media (no doubt The Sun), and that he ought to get out and about about a bit more, he kindly informed me he had travelled the world killing people and offered to kick my head in. A real charmer.

Why vote? Yes, the Suffragettes fought for votes for women, blood was shed, but why vote, if that vote is wasted, if Big Business is pulling the strings politicians whores for hire, prostituting to the highest bidder?

A spirited defence by Ed Milband, good examples given, NHS, workers rights (most of which the Tories have destroyed).

Ed Miliband also makes the point, would not have happened, could not have happened, without a push from the people.

People power matters.

Break up the banks, split casino banking from retail banking. Put a few bankers in prison.

Set up local, community owned and controlled power grids. Renewables feed into the local grid, get a fair guaranteed price, consumers pay a fair price, surplus from the local grid is fed to other local grids, any profit is either fed back into the local grid or goes to support local, social enterprises, open co-ops, collaborative commons. The Big Six would then become an irrelevance

Break up the media ownership. Limit what any one person or corporation can control.

If Ed Miliband genuinely wants to see people working with politicians, then let us see a genuine commitment to participatory democracy. Let us also see support for open coops, social enterprises, collaborative commons, all networking together.

If Ed Milband wants to see these things happen, then he has to be prepared to work with Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Green Party in a loose alliance. He also has to be prepared to end austerity.

Ed Miliband came accross quite well, a genuine conversation, not the usual  meaningless sound bites.  To his credit, he was willing to appear. This is probably the best interview Ed Milband has ever done.

Who Do Politicians Take Money From?

January 8, 2015

We live in what’s called a democracy, but is owned by the people who provide the money. — George Monbiot

The parties are beholden to the people providing them with their election funding. — George Monbiot

Who owns our politicians?

Russell Brand in conversation with George Monbiot.

The pantomime season is drawing to a close, at least in the theatre, in the House of Commons it is a year-round spectacle, apart from when they take their long recesses.

Mainstream news coverage is no better, giving a platform to the clowns.

None of which bears any resemblance to the lives of real people.

Nothing guaranteed more to turn people off.

And can anyone tell the difference between Tories and ToryLite, between Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

Why vote, when all you are doing is choosing who will act for Big business, then expected to keep quiet until the next election?

If you play their games, you are playing by their rules.

We have to get dirty money out of politics.

They do not even need the money, apart from to line their own pockets. What does it get spent on? Er, the stupid Road to Ruin poster the Tories launched.

Politicians should follow the example of Caroline Lucas and crowd fund.

We should limit any money going to a political parties to the membership fee. One member, one fee, one vote.

The mainstream media has to learn life exists beyond the pantomime at Westminster.

You can vote, you can protest, and nothing ever happens, because our corrupt politicians are accountable to their paymasters, not us.

The infantile attack on Russell Brand by BBC Politics Editor Nick Robinson in the Radio Times is indicative of all what is wrong with the political-media establishment.

Remove money from politics!

December 29, 2014

Since my book came out … I’ve subjected to incredible media attack, which makes me think perhaps the establishment is not as stable as it would have us believe. — Russell Brand

The revolution is in the block chain. — Max Keiser

An interesting discussion between Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and Russell Brand.

There are many things we can do to improve our present democratic system, which most would agree, apart from those who have their snouts in the trough, that it is broke beyond repair:

  • involve the people
  • keep dirty money out

We have to move to real democracy, participatory democracy, where it is the people who decide, not corrupt politicians.

We have to get money out of politics.

Only a few days ago, we had Big Business summon David Cameron to Brussels to demand why he was not doing enough to push TTIP, the mass transfer of power to Big Business.

Seizing of money in Cyprus banks about 18 months ago, was seen as a dry run, could they get away with it.

At G20, the media attention was on Vladimir Putin scuttling away with his tail between his legs. Which enabled them to slip through, our money in the banks is now their money, to be used when they are too big to fail.

Vladimir Putin has bailed out a big Russian bank, others expect to be bailed out. Has Putin learned no lessons? You do not bail out banks, you let them go to the wall. Follow the example of Iceland.

Do not talk about inequality, because if enough people do, maybe they will be galvanised into action.

The boss of Lloyds bank in 1980 was on £80,000 per annum. If average wages had kept pace, the average worker would be earning today £435,00 per annum, not £25,000 per annum.

If the elite in Saudi Arabia want more money, they simply turn the taps and let more oil flow. In England they print more money, and hand it to the banks, it bypasses the real economy.

The value of the workers share of the economy is going down. It has gone down from over 50% of GDP to around 40% today.

Compared with Christmas 2012, the numbers using food banks has tripled.

That is the price the poor has paid for evil ConDem government policies. And useless Ed Miliband is promising more of the same under ToryLite.

Austerity has failed, it was an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts for the poor, the elderly and the infirm.

Greece has seen its economy shrink by 25% under austerity.

And as we are seeing, even affluent Farnham is suffering.

We are screwed by privatised rail and energy companies.

How do we fight back?

We organise. We follow the excellent example of the New Era Estate tenants who fought US venture capitalists Westbrook and won. We link with other groups fighting the same battles. We share expertise,

In This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein has a chapter on Blockadia, it is not a place, it is a frontier, the frontier where local communities are doing battle with Big Business, not only doing battle, but winning.

Smear and distraction.

The Sun smeared Russell Brand when he highlighted the plight of New Era tenants, Channel 4 were more interested where Russell Brand lived, pathetic Jo the Banker was concerned his hot launch was getting cold when overzealous security locked down RBS when Russell Brand to ask a few questions.

Mayor of New York has banned Westbrook, why no mention in mainstream media, why not banned in London? Westbrook kicked out of New York for predatory practices. In US a pariah.

We do not play their game. Once you play the game, you are in the game, and they set the rules.

Boycott the banks. You do not have to use the banks. Deal in cash. Credit card and debit card is a tracking device. Use crowd funding to finance projects. Use crypto-currencies. BitCoin, FairCoin, StartCoin.

Crowd funding in politics. Mark Reckless and Caroline Lucas are both using crowd funding.

Mark Reckless defected from the Tories to UKIP, stood for re-election, and won. In what can only be described as petty childishness and PR disaster of the year, Tories sued Mark Reckless for the cost of a now useless leaflet. He is using crowd funding to finance his legal defence.

Caroline Lucas is using crowd funding to finance a re-election campaign.

Crowd funding Trews. Replace canopy outside a newsagent promoting The Sun with one promoting the Trews.

Crowd funded film, Sell-Off – The Abolition of Your NHS, exposes scandal of NHS privatisation that is happening right now.

Creative direct action, use social media.

UK Uncut could have had a demo to expose tax dodging. Instead, they used social media to coordinate occupation of Starbucks and Vodafone.

Head of State, A Political Entertainment

October 15, 2014
Andrew Marr book signing

Andrew Marr book signing

I arrived at the venue Raddison Blu, to find there were no tickets left. Most annoying, as Tourist Information had told me there were tickets, turn up.

I was then given a different time. Even odder. Turned out I was at the wrong venue. At least explains why it was not same location as the map.

I arrived at correct venue, Mandolay Hotel.

It was packed, must have been a couple of hundred or more people.

Head of State is a satire. Andrew Marr, is following in good footsteps. Was not Jonathan Swift writing satire? If it cannot be written as fact, then disguise as thinly veiled fiction.

We no longer have politicians, who we may not necessary like, but at least we respect, Winston Churchill, Clem Atlee, Harold McMillan.

The political class is not up to much, never done an honest day’s work in their life, party apparatchiks, yes men, lobby fodder, and with each intake it gets worse.

Andrew Marr suggested minimum age of 40 to gain entry to Parliament.

But would that work? Surely what we need are intelligent, articulate, independently minded Members of Parliament who understand the issues, who act for their constituents and not Big Business and other vested interests.

And that is only one of the problems, Parliament has no power. It has been transferred to the EU and and global corporations.

And it will get worse. Most trade agreements are not about trade, they are about passing power to global corporations.

How many have heard of TTIP? is it being discussed? And yet that will involve a massive transfer of power to global corporations.

Journalists are not up to much either. Real journalism involves hard facts, hard graft, doing the leg work, checking, double checking.

Someone has to pay for it, and no one is willing to pay.

How do you get on the bottom rung? Work as an intern for nothing. Only the rich can afford to work for nothing at least voluntarily. The poor are forced to work for nothing under Workfare.

Add in corporate ownership of the media, and the media is seen to be owned by the same corporations as the politicians.

Add in the revolving door, same schools, same universities, same clubs, and you have the media-political establishment driving the mindset.

Stephanie Flanders, once BBC chief economic correspondent, now works for an asset management company. Other BBC journalists have become political spin doctors. Former spin doctors get wheeled out by the BBC to spout garbage. Former newspaper editors get their own shows.

It is less an owner barks orders than the servile journalist knows what is expected.

George Orwell:

Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip. But the really well-trained dog is the one that turns his somersault when there is no whip.

John Pilger:

The truth is, Britain’s system of elite monopoly control of the media rests not on News International alone, but on the Mail and the Guardian and the BBC, perhaps the most influential of all. All share a corporate monoculture that sets the agenda of the “news”, defines acceptable politics by maintaining the fiction of distinctive parties, normalises unpopular wars and guards the limits of “free speech”.

There is a room in Parliament with a print out of speeches. The Member for So and So gave a speech Somewhere. Most of those speeches did not take place, no one bothers to check, and yet they get reported as fact.

Most journalism is churnalism, regurgitation of what has already been reported, or worse still, copy and paste of press releases as news.

The Scottish referendum and UKIP have served as a wake up call. SNP has seen a tripling of its membership since the yes vote. There is a massive rejection of Westminster. In Scotland this is reflected in the desire for independence and a rejection of austerity. In England, anti-EU and vote for UKIP.

In Scotland there was a massive turnout. There was engagement. How doe we achieve this in England?

One way is to engage people, devolve power down to people, involve them, participation.

In This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein shows there is an alternative, we just have to have the will.

The media political establishment is itself a satire.

  • Caroline Lucas cut off mid-sentence on wato when arguing for inclusion of UKIP and Green Party in any national debate
  • failure to report massive anti-austerity march a few weeks ago
  • failed Chancellor and has-been politician Nigel Lawson wheeled out as climate expert
  • the ignorant views of Owen Paterson on climate and energy given airtime let alone credence
  • failure to report let alone discuss any alternatives to austerity
  • tittle-tattle
  • yah-boo politics
  • emphasis on Westminster

The ultimate satire has to be the book launch of Head of State hosted by David Cameron at No 10 Downing Street with the media and political circus in attendance.

Pause for one moment. If Vladimir Putin hosted a book launch in the Kremlin for a Russian journalist, would that journalist have any credibility?

Andrew Marr has made an incredible recovery from a stroke he suffered a couple of years ago. He is still frail, needs a stick to walk. NHS has brilliant intervention to save the life of a stroke victim, but very poor after care to aid recovery. Most stroke victims are written off. But as Andrew Marr has shown, you can suffer a stroke and recover. But it needs intensive physio over years and that is not available on the NHS. He paid for it privately.

Andrew Marr provided a tantalising insight into the political world.

A model introduction by Jim Parks, no waffle, no preamble, simply welcoming Andrew Marr to come and join him on the platform. Which is as it should be.

One Tree Books has for the last few years been the official festival bookseller. And that is as it should be. The Festival depends upon local support, in return the Festival supports local indy bookshops. It was offensive to book lovers to find WHSmith selling the books, a failing High Street chain that has no interest in books.

Head of State is the first attempt at fiction by Andrew Marr. He did not find it easy. Like dropping the innards of a watch on a table, then wondering where all the pieces go. As an aid, he drew caricatures of the characters.

Andrew Marr was the founding editor of the Independent and BBC Political Editor. He currently hosts the BBC1 Andrew Marr Show, and presented the Radio 4 Start the Week from 2005 to 2012. His acclaimed television documentary series include Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain and Andrew Marr’s The Making of Modern Britain (both of which have associated books of same titles). Head of State was written whilst he was recovering from a stroke in 2013.

Guildford Book Festival 12-19 October 2014 at venues in and around Guildford.

Top Story The Katzing Digital Report (Thursday 16 October 2014).

Jody McIntyre on politics, war and equality

December 21, 2010

Jody McIntyre, who the police pulled from his wheel chair and dragged along the ground, at the students anti-cuts demonstration on 9 December 2010, talks about politics, war and equality.

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Liberal Democrats: Say goodbye to broken promises

December 21, 2010

When you watch this please try not to throw up!

Not only did LibDems fail to honour their election pledge on not hiking student fees, they pledged fair taxes, a fair society, no broken promises like the othert parties. We are different claimed the loathsome Nick Clegg.

Fairness? Cutting Education Maintenance Allowance to the poorest kids who wish to stay on in education. Hiking student fees to three times their current levels.

Affordable housing? Cutting housing benefits.

Fair Taxes? Letting the rich avoid paying tax.

The trail of broken promises comes to an end. We can say goodbye to broken promises.

But then the loathsome Nick Clegg got the whiff of power and the stench went to his head.

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