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Afternoon in Farnham

December 13, 2014

Very cold walking along the River Wey and up through Gostrey Meadow. Frost on the river banks.

River Wey running high and fast.

Dark and gloomy in the Parish Church.

Hassle in Waitrose as no Waitrose card, two week on and still not arrived, even though allegedly fast tracked, and would not even have the hassle were it not for hassle from two weeks ago. Or would have had hassle today but for the ever helpful lady on information. She called Waitrose. Bad news they had not even processed my card. She gave me a cup for free coffee, to save hassle at check out.

Waitrose must sort out Waitrose Farnham. Speaking with customers, everyone is sick and fed up with the piss-poor service. Waitrose prices but Asda service. If Waitrose Alton can provide good service then so can Waitrose Farnham.

Last week a poster for Heather a singer-songwriter I know in Parish Church for an album release concert. Today I bump into her. I miss bus, and have a chat, pick up a signed copy of her latest album Pohala.

Twelve pounds for an album from an unknown artist is far too high. A tenner max, and even that is pushing it. It also needs to be released on bandcamp.

Poundland has already opened. Surprisingly not busy. Other places when Poundland opens, for at least the first week, packed.

1728 bus leaves early. I return to Waitrose and catch 1748, which it too would have left early, but for people getting on the bus.

On bus from Aldershot, I meet a blind girl who I met yesterday. Being blind, she reads audio books. A strange way of describing, I would say listen. I suggest she downloads The Way of the Bow. She uses a feature I have never tried on Android. She speaks ‘The Way of the Bow’ and it searches for and finds. Quite impressive.

When I alight from bus, already hard frost on cars.

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