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Forage & Fill

July 4, 2020

Forage & Fill opened on Wednesday in Lincoln Central Market. Run by a very helpful mother and daughter team, Nikki & Katie.

Dried goods in chutes, shampoo, soap. Bring own containers.

Nut free, excellent if have a nut allergy not so good if looking for nuts not even peanut butter.

Saturday, only two days open and already a steady stream of customers and unlike me came prepared with containers.

Future products.

May have quality bean-to-bar craft chocolate, possibly Luisa’s and Bullion. But would need somewhere cool to store. Currently the only location with quality chocolate in Lincoln is Imperial Teas half way up Steep Hill.

May have coffee. There is though a problem. Coffee is fresh produce with a very limited shelf life. One week rest when roasted then three weeks optimum. Best source for coffee is direct from a roastery or from a specialty coffee shop. In Lincoln both Coffee Aroma and Madame Waffle sell coffee. Or would have to have an alert system, we have coffee in, limited stock, first come first served, fast turnover until the next batch.

Possible roasteries

  • Dark Woods but only single origins
  • The Blending Room
  • Outpost Coffee
  • Cartwheel Coffee

If coffee then coffee equipment? Mid-range hand grinder, V60, swan-neck kettle.

Forage and Fill compliment the fruit and vegetable stall, but therein lies a problem, the local council are trying to evict the fruit and vegetable stall which bodes ill for everyone in the market as they generate at least 80% of the footfall.

Forage and Fill an asset to an otherwise drab market.

Quad Restaurant reusable coffee cup

January 8, 2019

Quad Restaurant demonstrating how not to.

Not barista friendly ugly plastic reusable coffee cups, one of the worst examples of reusable coffee cups I have come across.

No surprise,  low take up.

The Quad is the privately run renamed former County Restaurant, the staff restaurant of Lincolnshire County Council.

Early last year, it was the norm to see staff sitting at table drinking tea or coffee out of a takeaway cup when ceramic cups available.

This has at least improved, more are using ceramic or compostable cups. But where are the compostable cups deposited? This will be general waste stream unless special bins provided.  A tiny step in the right direction but still a  fair way to go.

Plastic cups are still being used for water. These should be glass.

Plastic is being used for their own yogurts. And why low fat yogurt with additives which is very unhealthy?

Only one person observed using a Quad Restaurant reusable cup everyone else using ceramic or Vegware compostable cups.

The reusable cups need to be removed, or if compostable cups for people to take back to their office, bins for compostable cups.

Lincolnshire County Council should be setting standards, not lagging behind best practice of indie coffee shops.

The County Council needs to do a deal with KeepCup, ecoffee or POLŪ to bulk buy branded cups, which are sold at cost to staff, given away at conferences, to get the message out.

There should be a latte levy of 25p on takeaway cups. The money goes into a  separate pot, once a month, staff choose, funds raised go to a local environmental group.

Should aim at 80% minimum of replacement of takeaway cups with reusable cups.

But also recognise compostable cups, reusable cups, are addressing symptoms of a grab it and go takeaway culture. Should encourage relax with coffee served in ceramic.

The Quad should have a target date for plastic free, zero waste.

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