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The Strait and Steep Hill no tourists tea and coffee shops open

January 8, 2019

It beggars belief, over the Christmas New Year vacation many tourists milling around, up The Strait and Steep Hill, in Castle Hill and Bailgate, tea and coffee shops were either closed or closed early.

Now the holiday season over, no one around, the streets deserted, the tea and coffee shops open.

This would be like a business in the tourist area of Cyprus closing during the peak summer season then opening in the winter when no one about.

To say the least, bizarre.

Although not all were open, and a few closed early.

The Rest rarely found open. Today no exception. Rumoured to be for sale

Bunty’s tea room, closed or closed early when tourists around, now no tourists tea room open.

Bookstop Cafe, closed or closed early when tourists around, now no tourists open.

Imperial Teas, a rarity, open over Christmas New Year.

Pimento tea rooms, once excellent, new owners took over and destroyed with six months.

Changed hands yet again. Closed over Christmas New Year, does not reopen until no tourists outside.

Since my last visit, interior has changed and not for the better.

A board outside promises specialty tea and coffee, new menu.

No menu, no espresso machine.

It takes more than a sign to serve specialty tea and coffee.

I said I may pop back later. When I did, a little after three, I found to be closed.

When queried, told closed early today. When asked when usually close, told between three and four.

Lunch at Pimento tea rooms

September 9, 2017

Pimento tea rooms is somewhere that is excellent for afternoon tea, but not somewhere I can recommend to eat.

I had intended to eat at Bailgate Deli, but too late.  Having walked up Steep Hill, I retraced my steps to Pimento tea rooms and was in time for something to eat.

The lentil soup was reasonable, a meal in itself, but apart from the name, no resemblance to Thai.

I then had a spicy bean burger and salad. It was not good, dry.

Many years ago, I used to have bean burgers in Neal’s Yard Bakery. I have never had anything comparable. These were a mixture of beans, not something made to resemble a beef burger, which was what I was served at Pimento tea rooms.

I have eaten once beforeeaten once before at Pimento tea rooms. It was a disappointment then, and it has not improved.  Pimento tea rooms is sadly not in the same league as a good vegetarian restaurant.

Service not great, though staff pleasant. My soup arrived promptly, my second course did not, I had a long wait.

Last time I was here, only one girl who was able to cope. Today half a dozen who seemed unable to cope.

Quirky rooms, each one different. Since my last visit, they have added a room at ground level, and one at the top.

There used to be occasional live music. I saw nothing to indicate live music.

Afternoon tea at Pimento Tea Rooms

February 11, 2013
Mercury Shoes

Mercury Shoes

Mercury Shoes

Mercury Shoes

I had intended to have tea at Pimento Tea Rooms, at least I had had I arrived earlier. But too late, absolutely no way am I stopping to have tea, not time.

I stop and have tea.

I drop of the BookCrossing code for The Shadow of the Wind which I had dropped off last week, and say I will register Pimento Tea Rooms as a BookCrossing zone.

I find a lady stood watching both shops. I ask is she a security guard? She says no, no one in the shoe shop, she is the book keeper who has climbed down from her garret. She needs to serve a customer in the shoe shop, ask the girl in the tea rooms, to go off and find a pair of shoes, I am promoted to guardian of the tea rooms and left in charge.

Pimento Tea Rooms appears to be a meeting place of the local literati, or what in Lincoln passes as the local literati, people chat about books.

I talk to two ladies about The Shadow of the Wind, BookCrossing, writer Paulo Coelho and read The Alchemist. All unknown to them.

On leaving I have a brief chat with a very attractive young woman in the shoe shop. She is the owner of the shoe shoe the tea rooms. Very upmarket shoes.

Pimento Tea Rooms has very interesting access. Either through a fashion shop or a tea shop. The owner of the fashion shop was the owner of the tea shop, now the ownership has changed hands to the owner of the shoe shop.

Excellent Assam tea.

I picked up a slice of their carrot cake to eat later, or to be correct vegan carrot cake.

Nothing like carrot cake. Interesting icing or cream on top, slightly spicy. The cake though is nothing like carrot cake. On display it looks like carrot cake, but when you eat it, you see it looks nothing like carrot cake. More like Christmas pudding in constituency. The taste nothing like carrot cake. If expecting carrot cake, then disappointing, but nothing wrong, just different. Needs to be called something other than carrot cake, or at least vegan carrot cake.

Pimento Tea Rooms has occasional evening music. Friday 22 January 2013, guitarist Karl Svarc.

Earlier in the day I was at a whole food stall in the Central market. I commented on flyers for Pimento Tea Rooms and the evening with Karl Svarc, for the lady to tell me it was her husband and she had his CDs on sale. I was talking to a man running her stall a few weeks back, but did not recognise him. She dug a handful of CDs out of a drawer. I asked did she know what automatically played on his website as it was very good, but no, she did not. I took a chance and bought one of his CDs, Strong Foundation. I suggested he uploaded his music to bandcamp. I did wonder, why hide the CDs in a drawer, not going to lead to many sales.

Synchronicity: This evening I added release notes for the book I had dropped off. As I do so my eye is caught by a quote on the page, it is from The Shadow of the Wind!

Carlos Ruiz Zafon:

Bea says that the art of reading is slowly dying, that it’s an intimate ritual, that a book is a mirror that offers us only what we already carry inside us, that when we read, we do it with all our heart and mind, and great readers are becoming more scarce by the day.

Lunch at Pimento Tea Rooms

February 7, 2013
Pimento Tea Rooms

Pimento Tea Rooms

Thai green curry

Thai green curry

Pimento Tea Rooms is a lovely tea shop near the top of Steep Hill.

I had intended to have lunch at Pimento Tea Rooms but I had soup first at Stokes on High Bridge having been tempted by their tomato and red pepper soup when I popped in for morning coffee.

Earlier in the week, I had afternoon tea at Pimento Tea Rooms and had been tempted by their lunch menu.

The menu did not seem to have changed since Monday, not a good sign.

I had Thai Green Curry. A big mistake. It was not very good. I am used to eating in a very good Thai restaurant, and this was very poor in comparison.

If this is the best Lincoln can offer for vegetarian meals, and Pimento Tea Rooms promote themselves as Lincoln’s only vegetarian restaurant, then they have a very long way to go. No comparison with Food for Thought in Covent Garden, Guildford Institute in Guildford or Café Mila in Godalming.

Chatting to an interesting couple sitting at the next table, who, like a lady I was chatting to a few days ago, were regulars, they said the best thing about Pimento Tea Rooms was you met interesting people to chat to.

I asked did they know Karl Svarc who was playing there evening Friday 22 February. They said yes. I asked was he on bandcamp? A lady who was listening said yes, he knows everything there is to know about music.

I checked later. No he is not on bandcamp. His website is one of those irritating badly designed websites which plays music without asking. What it did play was very good, but no idea what it was. If the rest of his music was as good, well worth seeing live. What a pity he is not on bandcamp.

I had intended to have a walk around Bailgate then pop back for afternoon tea, but there so long, ordered a date slice which came with cream and a pot of tea.

Whilst having tea, I noticed what looked like Karl Svarc having tea in the parlour. I resisted the temptation of having a chat with him. But having listened to a small sample of music now wish I had, maybe he had a few CDs with him.

Pimento Tea Rooms is unusual in that you enter through a fashion shop. Good for tea and cake, relaxing and chatting, but not for lunch

—- more soon —-

Pimento Tea Rooms

February 4, 2013
Pimento Tea Rooms

Pimento Tea Rooms

Assam tea served in unusual glass spherical tea pot

Assam tea served in unusual glass spherical tea pot

Pimento Tea Rooms is located near the top of Steep Hill in Lincoln. Entry is unusual, you enter through a fashion shop. Well actually a choice of two fashion shops. You enter through the street door, then have a choice between two different fashion shops, each of which leads into the tea rooms.

I commented on this unusual arrangement to the pleasant girl serving. She said she was aware of something similar in Devon. I asked Totnes, but she was not sure.

A large choice of teas, which ironically come from Imperial Teas of Lincoln, which until they relocated across to the other side of the street, used to be located beneath the tea rooms.

I commented on the contrast with the rude old crone across the street. I was told she was actually quite pleasant, but they do not like photos being taken as they are paranoid, they think people are going to steal their business ideas!

The tea rooms consist of a parlour, and two rooms which are more or less one room, with a very tiny open kitchen at the end.

Pimento Tea Rooms was one of the places I had thought of having lunch but I did not want to climb all the way up the hill, only to find it was not to my taste.

The kitchen is vegetarian and vegan, with a few choices gluten free, home made, locally sourced, they can tell you what is in the food, as they make it. A baker comes in and makes their cakes. From what I saw, it looks worth visiting one day for lunch.

Newspapers to read, local newsletters.

On a nearby table, I got chatting to an attractive female who I thought was a waitress writing out menus. No, she was a regular who came in to relax and read a book. She was writing out 40 invites for a kids party. I suggested BookCrossing. Both her and the girl who was serving thought an excellent idea.

I ordered tea. Assam tea, a blend of three different teas. It was served in a very unusual tea pot, glass, almost spherical. I was given precise instructions, to operate a lever to withdrew the tea. I lost track of time and forget how long, but I think it was four minutes.

My new found friend on the adjacent table said she operates the lever after a minute, unless I like my tea strong. I do not, I prefer it weak, and so I operated the lever.

It was excellent tea.

I had intended to have a cake, but had a large lunch, and I noticed it was already 3-30am and I was not going to make the market down in town as everything in Sincil Street seemed to shut at four o’clock.

My new found friend suggested I tried The Shed in Bailgate. I not heard of or seen. She told me to walk through a shop and it was out the back. The Shed was my next port of call. I popped in the butcher first and he confirmed The Shed.

Pimento Tea Rooms is well worth the climb up The Strait and Steep Hill.

Synchronicity: My new found friend was from where I live!

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