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Pho Reading

November 5, 2018

Trademark of Pho is appalling service.

Approaching three, now hungry. I decide with reluctance on Pho. If for no other reason than to compare with Guildford.

I had earlier popped in a Vietnamese restaurant and ordered spring rolls. I was appalled when served cold from a fridge. I asked for my money back, which they gave me.

Trademark of Pho is appalling service. Pho Reading even worse than Guildford.

On entry I am invited to sit by the door. I say no the place is empty and walk further in.

The table dirty, either has not been cleaned or not been cleaned properly.

Long wait to be brought a menu, then wait again as food is freshly prepared. Bowl is cold, rice lukewarm. I suspect cooked then left standing, as rice is warmer in the middle.

I am brought the wrong bill. When I pay correct bill short changed.

This is the problem with chains, low paid casual staff who do not care.

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