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Late lunch at Caffe Macchiato

July 30, 2014


I thought I would try something different. I occasionally have a cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato, and this time of year it is pleasant to sit outside, though of late, too hot.

It is questionable why anyone goes to Costa, when it is possible to get a decent cappuccino in a pleasant environment at Caffe Macchiato.

Today I thought I would have lunch.

But first, a beer.

I was aware of the name, but have never had a Peroni before. A delight I had missed out on. Very pleasant on a hot afternoon.

Then, I am not sure, and not quite what I had expected.

I thought, strips of beef mixed with a mushroom sauce. What I got, a large, but thin piece of beef, covered with a mushroom sauce.

Plus a big bowl of salad.

The chips were an anomaly, and did not go with the dish. Better would have been nice new potatoes, or as I had in a restaurant in Cascais, sliced fried potatoes.

Portion size generous. In fact for me, too much.

Late afternoon outside Caffe Macchiato is pleasant as you catch the sun down the street until it disappears behind the trees.

Caffe Macchiato used to stay open until 7pm, now, more is the pity, they close at 6pm. Six is ok for winter, but for summer, when it is pleasant, it needs to be open until at least seven. Though they do appear to have reached a compromise, if there are customers and they do not have to be elsewhere, they remain open.

Sitting outside, it shows what potential the street has, if the local council had councillors with more than two brain cells to share between them. If everyone looked after their building like Caffe Macchiato, if we got rid of the disgusting fast food outlets, if cars were barred from what is allegedly a pedestrian street.

The local council is proposing to spend £4.5 million on the centre of Aldershot. It is money down the drain, there has been no consultation with either the local community or local businesses. It will do nothing to enhance the centre of Aldershot.

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