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Peristeri evening before lockdown

November 29, 2020

Friday three weeks ago, a cool day, no sun, a gale blowing, a day for the Metro and the suburbs.

Tuesday bars, restaurants and coffee shops closed. Midnight night time curfew. Friday last day of freedom before lockdown on Saturday.

Plaka deserted, Peristeri by contrast full of life. People on the street, everywhere open, the restaurants open, though serving takeaway only.

A long orderly queue, social distancing for a bookshop. If England, it would have been for consumer crap.

Had I advised people where to go, with restaurants closed in Plaka, I would have said hop on the Metro and spend the evening in Peristeri, except with lockdown, would not have bene possible, as only able to go out for local exercise.

Places to visit, Cashew, Mind the Cup, Manor House.

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