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Cappuccino at Pelicano

November 5, 2018

I look in Pelicano before late lunch at Iydea.

They have changed the frontage. And not for the better.

Too busy to stay.

I will save as last port of call before catching my train.

Now dark, no one about.

Excellent cappuccino and coffee cake. Too large a portion for one, sufficient for two people to share. They pop in a box for me to takeaway.

Day in Brighton

June 10, 2018

Rail works, instead of arriving midday, arrive not long before one o’clock.

Cappuccino off Small Batch stall. Compostable cup? Do not know, did not ask. Will drop on compost heap.

I love what is on the side of a bus, get on and go somewhere.

Pleased to see owner of Grocer & Grain. He has a wide range of coffee. But Union not as fresh as could be, as getting via Infinity Foods. Why are Union not supplying direct?

Stop off at soup kitchen for homeless. Quail.

A fashion shop that is ethical, though not open today.

I liked what was on the window re plastic.

But why is Brighton not doing more?

Why are the disgusting fish n chip shops on the seafront still using polystyrene trays and burger style boxes?

Cycle hire very busy. Only one not busy as not all cycles taken. Contrast with Lincoln where the cycle hire not popular.

North Laine, not possible to sit outside Iydea, carry on to Magazine Brighton. Surprisingly busy, and to my pleasant surprise has latest Standart.

Excellent lunch sat outside Iydea. Followed by refreshing fruit juice, I think apple, carrot, lemon and ginger.

The cafe next door has gone, now an ice cream parlour, Brass Moneky, the ice cream made down in the basement. I try. Very good.

Brass Monkey has only been open two weeks, will serve coffee.

Then on to Pelicano for a coffee. I was initially going to have a V60, but decie on a cappuccino. I also add one of their excellent cakes, a jewel cake.

I notice many changes. Is it my imagination? No. Standart on sale, a wider range of coffee, and the coffee has improved.

They tell me they have installed a new 20kg roaster down in the basement. I did not think to ask how they got it down there.

I was doing this the wrong way round.

Walk down to the seafront, then walk back up to the station.

Early for me to leave, sun high in the sky, only 6-30, but I am tired, and thinking will be cool at the end of my journey.

All day it has been hot.

1855 Southern Fail from Brighton to Victoria, only four coaches usually twelve, packed in like sardines.

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House

November 30, 2015
mouthwatering cakes

mouthwatering cakes

espresso based

espresso based

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House



First Sunday in November.

I may have looked in Pelicano Coffee and Tea House the week before, I cannot recall, but probably did and made a mental note

Lovely atmosphere, though very tiny. There is seating out the back, and I think, but cannot be certain, more seating upstairs.

Wonderful and very tempting choice of cakes. Spoilt for choice. Do they make? I do not know, and did not ask, but they looked, if not, a local bakery.

I ordered a cake and a cappuccino.

The cake was as delicious as it looked.

The coffee, not gold standard and in many ways a disappointment.  It looked good, but something not quite right.  Though I hasten to add far superior to the disgusting hot liquid they serve in Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

They roast their own coffee, and maybe therein lies the problem. At least if they have not laboured and learnt under a master coffee roaster.

The coffee is roasted upstairs and on sale.

Very popular.

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House is located in North Laine in Brighton.