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Paulo Coelho press conference in Athens

March 19, 2013
Paulo Coelho press conference in Athens

Paulo Coelho press conference in Athens

A packed press conference, at least seven TV cameras.

Every year, Paulo Coelho holds a private party with his friends to celebrate St Joseph Day. Last year it was Italy, this year Athens.

Why Athens?

We hear a lot of bad news from Greece. He wanted people to see Greece has a good side.

Athens the birthplace of democracy. Athens of culture, philosophy, democracy.

He was not here to promote his new book, which was published in Greek this month.

The floor was then open to questions.

Why a Greek in his latest book?

It is set at the time of The Crusades, on the eve of the attack on Jerusalem. He wished it seen through the eyes of a Greek. In Jerusalem a diversity of views and religions, but the Crusaders wished to impose Christianity by force. My friends who are here for the party tonight, some of who are here at this press conference, have a diversity of religions, or no religion, but can meet once a year in friendship.

You are a Catholic, why do your views differ from the Catholic Church, the Pope?

A Catholic and went to a Jesuit School. Many things wrong with the Catholic Church, and they know it.

What is your view on the global economic crisis?

Note: This was badly translated as Greek economic crisis.

No view, not an economist, whose views are little better than astrology. They say there is a crisis in Greece, and by saying so cause a loss of confidence and cause a crisis.

The phrase ‘if you want something badly all the universe conspires to give you what you want’, do you still believe this as it has harmed a lot of people?

Where do you get this from, do you know such people, but yes I do still believe.

If you want something badly enough, you will succeed, but be careful what you wish for. If you wish to fail, you will fail.

No evidence was produced to support this assertion. It could have been a set up, as cameras were at the ready to record, and did not do this for any other question.

King Midas wished everything he touched turned to gold. He got his wish, but he could not eat or drink, everything he touched turned to gold, even his wife.

The girl on reception asked could I get a book signed? I said I would try, but Sunday and Monday shops were closed, how could she find a book? Sunday I had intended to go to the Acropolis, but never made it, ended up in Plaka where I found a stall selling books. I picked up two Paulo Coelho books. Showing to girl on reception, she was amazed: How did you get these book?

Paulo Coelho wanted to be a writer. Had he heeded advice, no one makes a living being a writer, he would not be a writer, but he followed his dreams.

Rudolf Schenker wanted to be a rock musician, had he heeded advice, you cannot be a rock musician, you are German and you have to be American or British, he would not be a rock musician, but he followed his dreams.

When you want something badly enough, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

Just be careful what you wish for.

Later in the evening Paulo Coelho held a party with his friends.

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